Three Days and More

Taylor was listening to the radio when she heard about staying with one direction for three whole days! She invited her friend Jenna to come to since she loves one direction! Will the two girls get together with there celebrity crushes or will the just experience a one in a lifetime oppurtunity


5. OMG!

Louis POV

I saw Zayn leave and walked up to Taylor and Jenna so I followed behind him, he went to Taylor so I went to Jenna, and we helped them with there bags. So we got the rest of the bags and went to our hotel.

Taylor POV

Oh wow! At the airport Zayn came right up to me and whispered "Hey I'm Zayn! I can help you with your bags." I was trying so hard not to freak out and i kept quiet. So Zayn, me, Jenna, and Louis walked to get the bags and got to the other boys and left. While we were going to their place Zayn and I started talking and i wasn't nervous around him. I was...myself. I never felt like that around a guy. I hope he's single.

Zayn POV

Taylor seemed pretty cool. I think I'm starting to like her. I hope she likes me back. I bet she does, if she didnt she wouldn't be talking to me than. I should ask if she's single... maybe right now... or maybe when it's just us.

Louis POV

Jenna seemed pretty cool... she was shy but cool. It was hard to talk to her because she barely said anything but when I asked her a question she would answer, but she would never ask me anything... you think for a fan she would ask something... I wonder if she likes me... I hope she does, because... I like her.

Jenna POV

Man Louis is so cute but I don't know what to ask him. He's so cute! He probably dosen't think I like him... or he dosen't like me at all. I got to quit being so shy. Louis is a great guy but I wish I wasn't like's all because of him...and mostly her.

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