Three Days and More

Taylor was listening to the radio when she heard about staying with one direction for three whole days! She invited her friend Jenna to come to since she loves one direction! Will the two girls get together with there celebrity crushes or will the just experience a one in a lifetime oppurtunity


6. Jennas Story

Jenna POV

I'm so shy because of my mom. Well maybe not shy.. insecure? Both? I dont know but it all started when i was 9. My mother would always get invited to weddings, parties, anything fany really and I was aloud to go to. So when me and my mother would be getting ready and I would find the fanciest outfit im my closet that i liked and show my mother. She said "No you look stupid in that." Than she would go to my closet and find an uncomfortable dress, that i didnt even know was in there, for me to wear and showed a lot of skin. My mother puts me in very skimpy dresses. When we would get to the parties i would leave my sweater on until my mother saw me enter the room and grabbed me and took it off. From than on i became very shy. I always dress with no skin showing. Im very quiet unless im around my friends, but like when I'm around Louis I'm to shy to talk about anything. I want to tell him. Im scared he will think I'm stupid or even worst... retarted.

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