Three Days and More

Taylor was listening to the radio when she heard about staying with one direction for three whole days! She invited her friend Jenna to come to since she loves one direction! Will the two girls get together with there celebrity crushes or will the just experience a one in a lifetime oppurtunity


3. Flying to California

Jennas POV 

OMG I was so excited i couldn't sleep last night. This morning I finished packing and called Taylor and told her I was ready to go, she said "ok I'm almost done packing and I'll call the taxi people right away, also bring swimming stuff just in case." "Ok" I said and hung up. I went to my luggage and made sure i had everything and packed my swimming stuff and waited for Taylor.

Taylors POV  "I can't wait till we get to hang out with One Direction" I told Jenna "I know! I wanna hang out with Louis! I even brought carrots." Jenna said. I was excited to meet Zayn. I think he's the best one, everyone else is good to but I like Zayn way more. We finally got to the airport and went to check in. Once we got through we were sitting in FIRST CLASS SEATS!!! "I have never sat in first class before." Jenna confessed. "Same! This is going to be the time of my life."

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