Forever Us

This story is about a girl about 18 yr old who grows up with a blonde haired always hungry huggabile boy named niall horan theyre best friends even when he becomes famous!!! then Vanessa aka nes meets a member of the band named harry what do you think will happen will niall get jealous that theres another man in her life or will he let it happen? well when a unexpected visitor pops up (Justin bieber) what will hppen to harry and nes' releshionship!!!! will niall back up his friends or go with his idol!!!??



after we finished packing

" niall ill take your things down stairs." " hahahah" "what!!!?" " your taking my things down stairs nes the bag is almost as heavy as you are" "shut up" gives him a death glare " hahah you don't scare me your as scary as a... as a baby penguin!!!" " haha shush!" picks up bag with both hands and wobbles to the stairs and I hear niall laughing at me from behind " you only have clothes in this yes??" "yeah why!!??" smirks "no reason" throws bag over edge of stairs ( his house is huge theres 2 flight of stairs so it went down both of em) looks at niall " wtf was that for?!" " well since you called me a baby penguin!" he comes closer I back up "niall ..... what are you going to do? NIALL AHHHH" he picks me up and runs down stairs and throws me on the couch and he knows  I hate being tickled so he tickles me " niall  haimhahahah going hahahah too pee on you HAHAHA" as soon as  I say that he jumps up and looks at me like you better not! well I lay there catching my breath he goes and gets food typical niall! I walk in to see him stuffing food in a bag " niall... what are you doing?" "well this is my carry on" " haha niall you cant have food on a plane and they check your carry on..." " oh well too bad" does puppy eyes I laugh

2 hours pass

" ill drive you to the airport" " okay" he gets in my car and throws his bags in and were off. we arrive at the airport and I park "what are you doing?" " well since I cant be there I want to at least walk you to your plane!" "okay then" I grab one of his bags since its a rolling one and he grabs the other on and his carry on. we head into the airport with no conversation and sit and wait for his plane to arrive when we hear the announcer say " FLIGHT 104 TO NEW YORK  IS NOW BOARDING TERMINAL 6 PLEASE" I look at niall with teary eyes " your plane is here" "aw nes please don't cry!" we hug for what seems like forever when were spilt up by the announcer saying " LAST CALL FOR FLIGHT 104 FLIGHT 104" I push him away " you better go" " yeah well text call Skype facebook twitter everything me everyday !!" " ok" "PROMISE!!" " promise" we both smile and head separate way I drive home and hop outta my car and head to bed.


I wake up to 10 new text messages 5 missed calls 6 missed skpes and a whole bunch of facebook messages from niall " hahaa" I call him back

(nialls pov)

RING.... RING.... RING....

" eh ill le t go to voice mail" "hey this is nes I wa..." runs and pick up phone " NES!!!! I MISSED YOU WHY HAVENT YOU TEXT ME BACK ? HOW ARE YOU? ARE YOU OKAY? DID SOMEONE HURT YOU? DO YOU STILLHAVE THE PEPPER SPRAY I GAVE YOU? NES..I MI.."  I cut hm off by saying " NIALL .... calm down im fine I was sleeping!! you know something humans do at night time or even during the day???" " haha sorry " " ha so how was your audition? DID YOU MAKE IT I KNOW YOU MADE IT BECAUSE YOUR JUST AWESOE ANDYOUVOICE OMG YOUR VOICE IS LIKE AN IRISH ANGEL SINGING TO ME AND EVERYT..." he cut me off bye saying "yeah I made it but...." " but what?? BUT WHAT!!!" "hahaha calm down they put me in a band with 4 other guys.." " oh well that's still good I mean 4 other guys wow so your like a boy band?" " hahay yeah oh speaking of them here they come" " HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO NIALLLLL WHO YO TALKING TO IS IT A LADY!!??? YOU NEVER SAID YOU HAD A LADY FRIEND?? WELL HELLO THERE MRS LADY FRIEND IM BOOBEAR BUT YOU CAN CALL ME CARROT PRINCE!" " hahaha well uhm hi carrot...... prince??? im Vanessa but you can call me nes! " " oooh your britsh just like meeeeee  haha we should Skype so you can meet the other ones!!! harry will be excted you already sound pretty just with your voice" "hahah thxxx and sure niall has my Skype info" "kk" in the backround I hear a deep british accent say wahts her name ??"I hang up and not even a minute later I get a Skype call.. I answer and see niall alone " NIALLLLLLLLL " I scream " NESSSSSSSSSSSSSS"  and then these boys pop up from nowhere saying im guessing their own name " HARRREH" "LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIS" "MAILK ZAN MAILK" " LIAM!" " hah hey" thenthe curly hair on sits on niall " well hello there" I smile Louis pushes him away and says omg I love your hair gurl!" " haha"


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