Forever Us

This story is about a girl about 18 yr old who grows up with a blonde haired always hungry huggabile boy named niall horan theyre best friends even when he becomes famous!!! then Vanessa aka nes meets a member of the band named harry what do you think will happen will niall get jealous that theres another man in her life or will he let it happen? well when a unexpected visitor pops up (Justin bieber) what will hppen to harry and nes' releshionship!!!! will niall back up his friends or go with his idol!!!??


5. HE WHAT!!!!!

"im vanessa but you can call me nes "he looked into my eyes i stretched out my hand to shake hands with him but he grabbed my hand and kissed it and smiled niall interrupted saying " LETS GO TELL THE BOYS!"i jumped on nialls back and justin walked next to us to the elevator. i got off his back and stood behind niall justin was next to me and put his hands on my hips and started kissing my neck i pulled away and just hugged niall. as soon as the doors opened i see the boys playing football (soccer) in the hall so i jump into harrys arms and kiss him making him fall on the floor with me on top making sure justin seen. " you miss me eh? " " mmm hmmm!!!!" we got up and walked to the other boys justin gave harry a dirty look but i just ignored it liam broke the silence saying "im liam" then the other boys introduced em selves " im zayn" "im louis" "im harry" justin rolled his eyes at harry " IM NIALL HORAN BUT YOU CAN JUST CALL ME YOU BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!" we all laughed but the he looked at me and i told the boys ill be right back and took harry to my room well the boys wolf whistled. harry laughed as soon as we got into the room i locked the door and we sat on the bed " harry?" " yes babes?"  " well uhm when we were in the kitchen eating justin walked in and we went to introduce ourselves to him and i sais im nes and  stuck my hand out to shake and he kissed it so i just blew it off cause he was just being nice so when we were in the elevator he was behind me and nialls back was toward us and he put his hands on my hips and started to kiss my neck so i just pushed him off and he woul.." harry cut me off " HE WHAT!!!!! OH HELL NO" and jumped up towards the door "IMMA KILL HIS ARSE!" i jumped in front of him " babe babe calm down " i said holding my face in his hands he just looked at me " if he does it again then you can TALK to him but he didnt know and i just wanted to tell you so that you know i wont keep any secrets from you and you dont keep any secrets from me okay!!" "fine!!" then louis opened the dorr " HAAAAZZZZZZ   NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS WERE GOING SWIMMYYYY!! SO GET ON YOU SUITS AND SHORTS AND LETTS GOOO!!!" he said jumping on my bed " ok ok just get out" harry chuckled harry left and i put on my two piece sailor bathing suit the one where you un strap it from the front and got my towel and put my hair in a bun and walked out the boys were already ready since they just put on shorts and there done i hugged harry and he put his arm around my waist and we walked to the elevator as soon as we landing in the lobby me and harry ran to the pool racing to see who'll jump in first i won of course!!! we were swimming for 30 mins and then louis phone rang and paul said they needed all the boys except zayn to go up stairs. so it was just me zayn and justin zayn was tanning since he cant swim i was resting on the side of the pool when zayn went back up and then justin came up next to me and started to kiss me but icouldnt move..


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