Forever Us

This story is about a girl about 18 yr old who grows up with a blonde haired always hungry huggabile boy named niall horan theyre best friends even when he becomes famous!!! then Vanessa aka nes meets a member of the band named harry what do you think will happen will niall get jealous that theres another man in her life or will he let it happen? well when a unexpected visitor pops up (Justin bieber) what will hppen to harry and nes' releshionship!!!! will niall back up his friends or go with his idol!!!??


4. FINALLY i land

6 hours pass

i wake up on the plane to hear and announcer say " EVERYONE PLEASE STRAP YOUR SEAT BELT AND GET READY TO LAND." i strap in my seat belt and tweet " im landing!!!!!! :) so excited to see my NIALL!! :) lovee youuu!!!!!" two seconds later my phone beeps and niall tweeted me back saying " AHHHHH IVE BEEN SITTING IN THIS AIRPORT FOR 30 MINS WAITING FOR YOU!!! YOUR FINALLY HERE!!!! :)))) " i laugh the plane lands and i get my luggage and run into the lobby to see niall running up to me. i drop my bags and run to him! " NIALLLLLL!!!!!" "NESSSSS!!!!" we hug for like 5 mins until a curly headed boy comes with my luggage and says "Hey babe!:)" "haha hello harry" we hug and get into a limo " a limo really??" " it had to be special my best friend was coming!!" "and my future boo" said harry i laughed we arrived at a flat and 3 boys rushed out and attacked me with hugs and a boy who look to be the most responsible came and shook my hand saying "im liam" " im nes" "yes i remember" we both smiled and then niall showed me to my new room.i told him i was going to shower so i got my red skinny jeans and a striped shirt and a varsity jacket and undie and went to shower. as soon as i got out of the shower i changed and realized i didnt get my bra i wrapped the towel around me and walked out to see 5 guys staring at me I screamed niall pushed everyone out and apologized i got my bra and put it on followed by my shirt and jacket and my black heels. i walked out and louis screamed "AAHHHHH SHE LOOKS BETTER IN IT THEN I DO" i looked confused until i looked at what he was wearing and seen we had the same jeans and shirt on i laughed! " hahaha dam right i do" and i started posing and seen that harry was taking pictures so i stopped and took his phone and ran " NES GIMMIE MY PHONE" " NOT UNTIL I DELETE THEESE PICTURES!!!!" I ran into the elevator and harry came in after me he tried to get the phone from me until i fell on top of him and stared into his eyes i tried to get up but he held me down and we kissed. it was like no other kiss ive ever had this one was with passion and sparks. my face instantly got red and the doors elevator doors opened i jumped up off him and seen niall. he looked upset he just stormed off into his room. harry got up and put his hands on my waist and we walked out of the elevator " im going to go talk to niall" " k babes" then he kissed me on my cheek. i thought to myself whatbabes!! we kissed that dont mean were automatically dating   i sighed i knocked nialls door " who is it?" "meeeeee" "come in" " i cant its locked " i said giggling " oh i knew that" he opend the door and we sat on his bed "Ni...?" " hmmm?" " whats wrong??" " what do you mean im as happy as a jumping bean!!!"  i looked into his eyes and seen them getting watery " NI .... we tell each other everything... and you need to tell me whats wrong!! is it because of the whole elevator with ha.." he cut me off " NO its not well kinda i just dont want you to get hurt! hes not the relationship type ive only known him for a month and hes dated 5 girls 5 dam girls"  " ni i can handle it and i wont get hurt if i do i give you permission to beat his arse for me" " haha i would of done it even if you said no " " haha i love you ni!" " i love you too!" i hugged him " im hungry" " ha surprise surprise!! " lets go i jumped onto his back and we left into the hallway until we heard voices i dont think they seen us there back was toward us " do you think he likes her??" "no no no" " then why is he mad??" "because harry we all know your background and if you ended up hurting her i hope you know you'll never walk again" niall interrupted  them " youll be 6 feet under if she ends up crying over you haz!" they all turned around and harry looked scared " i know niall but that wont be happening anytime soon" harry looked into my eyes i smiled then whispered n nialls ear  " lets go eat my tummys growling" " i know i can feel it haha" "guys were gunna go get some food downstairs" before they got to answer niall ran down stairs with me on his back " why didnt we take the elevator? now you have to go all the way down from the 13th floor with me on your back" " i know but your as light as a feather so its not like im carrying harry that dam fat arse" " haha hey!! i happen to love his fat arse" "haha sorry" we run threw the hallway leading to the kitchen and see the paps taking picture of us threw the windows and we fall we start laughing " as light as a feather huh?" " haha i tripped on the dam rug" we got up and lef into the kitchen i got lucky charms and bacon and niall got a muffin lucky charms eggs and a taco " damm niall!!!" "haha im hungry!!!" we sat at a table with my back towards the door and niall across from me he threw eggs at me and i threw bacon at him and we started a food fight until i heard him scream "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" "WHAT WHAT!! " i turned around to see niall hugging justin bieber "haha niall let go" he didnt let go so i had to go and tear them apart "IM NIALL HORAN!!!!!" "im justin "

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