Forever Us

This story is about a girl about 18 yr old who grows up with a blonde haired always hungry huggabile boy named niall horan theyre best friends even when he becomes famous!!! then Vanessa aka nes meets a member of the band named harry what do you think will happen will niall get jealous that theres another man in her life or will he let it happen? well when a unexpected visitor pops up (Justin bieber) what will hppen to harry and nes' releshionship!!!! will niall back up his friends or go with his idol!!!??



so I continued to Skype with the boys for a little while (mostly harry, he wouldn't leave the screen) then I talked to niall alone for a bit. " NIALL.. I miss you" "I miss you too! I miss your brown eyes! I miss how your always wanting to be a model how you hate when your hair is natural because you think its going to explode into a massive POOF how you wont wear any jeans other than skinny how you wear shorts in the winter! how youhae it when people stare at y.. " "haha niall calm down so where are you at exactly?" "haha across the country! can you please come i'll fly u over and you can sleep in my bed and ill sleep on the floor and we can eat the best pancakes ever and then go to the park and shop for new kinds of foods and try out different restur..." "niall!" " haha sorry I just miss you so you going to let me fly you over?" " hmmmmm.."I said giggling since I already knew the answer and so did he "WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!" " haha niall calm down? how about tomorrow?" " ok get up early cause im getting the earliest flight to ...........  " " NEWWW YOOOOORRRRRKKKKK!!!!" we bot said together and then started laughing and then the boys rushed in and attacked the laptop with screams making me go off into hysterics!" " WOOO HOOO NES IS COMING TO NEWWW YORK!!!" Louis shouted " THE VIDEO DIARIES ARE BACK THe VIDEO DIARIES ARE BACK THE VIDEO DIARIES ARE BACK , INBETWEENERS DANCE NOW BOW BOW " everyone looked at like like wtf!!! " haha sorry" liam said shyly " SO I HEARD MY LADY'S COMING TO TOWN?" harry asked winking at me " haha I AINT yooo lady boy so you better back it up"i  said in a sassy voice trying to keep a straight face then we both started to laugh we all said bye and went off to bed... well I did they are just getting ready for the day since it was morning for them there I slipped into my Minnie mouse shorts and a pink and black striped tank top  and went to bed hugging my pillow pet named MUSHY!


Next Morning

( nessas pov)

it was 3 in the morning and I hear my phone I roll over t pick it up since I know its prob. niall. "Hhheelllo?" " get up lazy you flight is in 2 hours!!!" "I didn't even pack yet" "OMG niall your so lazy..." he said mockng me the day I went to pack for him! "SHUSH I went  to be late because of some boy and his cute little boy band!" " hah ooh im telling harry you said hes CUTE" I can hear harry in the backround saying "hah I have a wy wih the ladies!!" and I can picture him winking "haha niall imam go pack byyyyyyyyyye" "BYE LOVE" I hear harry scream "bye CURLZ" " bye nes" niall says

I jump out of bed and hop into the shower and then pick out my outfit for today I picked denim ripped short shorts and white loose top with a mustache on it all my mustache jewelry  my bff necklace and some black converse with of nialls glasses. I run to the bathroom and blow dry my hair and curl it then I add blush mascara and a baby pink ( yes baby pink!) lip gloss! im satisfied with my look so I run and get all my clothes from my closet and put it in a suitcase then move to the bathroom I put everything I would need toothbrush deo. curling iron flat iron my wand my make up some jewelry and some other stuff. I then move to my shoes..... this is the hard part I lovvveee SHOES I pick my red and  my black converse my tan toms and 4 pairs of stilettos! I look at all my luggage and think "OMG how am I going to get 2 bags that are the same size as me down stairs and up into my hummer" my carry on is small so its ok I laugh at myself and wake up my dad he laughs "haha you really need to grow!" " dad!!! ""ok ok sorry" he takes all my bag down stairs and into my car I say bye to my family and im off! well not before I stopped at ...NANDOS my favorite place ever you see why me and niall are such good friends?? lol I arrive at the airport when I get a call from niall " hello" "HELLO nes!! " "nope sorry sir you got le wrong number" I say I a Italian voice" haha shut up nes! " " ha I gotta go im getting on the plane now byyyyye ' " bye!"


Authours note

hey sorry I the words are splled worng some of the buttons on my laptop arnt workin s SORRY!  hope you like it :) my first one so... and I have big plans for it so please don't stop reading if your reading it! I will Update later today! PROMISE:)


xoxox nes! :))


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