This isnt fantasy.

This isnt a dream.

This isnt your petty little games.

This is reality.

This is a reality you cant escape.

A reality not meant for dreamers.

This is Hell.

Teenage Hell.

I'm incarcerated.


1. Welcome to My World

Have you ever thought that sometimes things are meant to happen? That everything seems to fall into a little category called destiny? I thought that too. Nothing ever work out to your advantage just like that. You have to make reality come alive. It just doesn't happen. But i didnt think that. I was naive. I didnt imagine a girl like me. Tall, brown hair and eyes, would actually end up in the situation im trapped in. I mean, im average. An average Mexican-American teenager. Things for me are always normal. Normal school, normal day, normal life. That is until i started..I was fed up.

I was irritated with the world.

I thought to myself, as soon as i get out of this City of Sinners, Sin city its nickname of course, i am going to make something out of myself. I'll find love, and capture the dreams that keep flying by. This city isnt a place for me.  


Reality is Hell.


Now before i start off my story i must want you. Once you see hear what i have to say, i don't think you'll ever think about things the same way again. My mind is a dark twisted world. Have you ever read some Edgar Allen Poe before? 

Be scared.

Because my reality's a bitch and its definitely here to stay. 

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