Lost and Found

Kendall has had a hard life. Her family is a mess and she always gets bullied at school. The only person that has ever stood up for her is Louis Tomlinson. He even made his sisters be friends with her and he would always take care of her cuts and bruises without asking how she got them. He was kendall's everything. Until that everything leaves her to try out for x-factor. When he doesn't come back alone he forgets about her. Until he finds her standing in the middle of a railroad track....


4. traintracks

kandall's POV

im ready. i thought as i lyed down. it wasnt very comfortable but whatever. i was gonna die anyway. iv had enough of life. its not like anybody will miss me. i dought ill even have a funeral.

there was light from a train on my scared skin. i had no fear. i trusted that god would make it ok. as i thought about god i started to pray. i whispered things to myself that i had heard my mother pray before she turned into a drunk. i used to live by these prayers.

i heard footsteps but it didnt matter who it was. it was probably my dad and i did not want to see his face so i closed my eyes excepting my fate. then i felt someone lift me off the tracks and run.

its dad! hes taking me back! hes going to hurt me more than the train ever would. i started to cry as i pushed and hit and screamed. i couldnt see his face. i just wanted to leave this terrible world behind. then i blacked out.

harry's POV

after i saw the girl my feet started moving. i ran past louis who was completely frozen and scooped the girl up and continued to run. i didnt know where to all i knew is that i wanted that girl far away from the train.

she started to cry. i wanted to comfort her but then she sarted to writhe around in my arms. she tried to get away the way a litrtle kid tries to before they take a nap. then before i could say anything she did. her eyes closed and she relaxed leaving me there dumbfounded not know ing what to do with the partially naked girl in my arms. then louis joined me. "we should get her home." he said taking her from me. i wanted to object but then he yelled "NOW," wow he sounded like liam. so we headed home.



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