Lost and Found

Kendall has had a hard life. Her family is a mess and she always gets bullied at school. The only person that has ever stood up for her is Louis Tomlinson. He even made his sisters be friends with her and he would always take care of her cuts and bruises without asking how she got them. He was kendall's everything. Until that everything leaves her to try out for x-factor. When he doesn't come back alone he forgets about her. Until he finds her standing in the middle of a railroad track....


1. scars

Kendall's POV

I wake up to the buzzing of my cheap alarm. I quickly hit the snooze and slowly sit up in my cramped bed. I lean over and turn on my bedside lamp as i cringe away from the sudden light.As i start to rub the tiredness from my i eyes i look around my room. 

It was very small and could only fit my twin sized bed with a small fold up table that held a cupple things. I got down on the ground and reached undernieth my bed to find my clothes. (I didnt have a closet or a dresser so i had to improvise)I tried to pick out the best outfit i owned since it was the first day of highschool. i managed to find some old black skinny jeans and hot pink t-shirt. I stood up and got dressed. I pulled out a small hand mirror from my little table and brushed my hair. I decided to put it in a loose bun.

I quetly opened my door so i wouldnt wake my probably hungover mum. I walked down the carpeted stairs at the end of the hallway and headed torwards the kitchen. I stopped dead in the doorway seeing my dad already awake and leaning against the counter drinking coffee.

oh,god no. Please not on the first day of school. i cant deal with all the stares, all the wispers. all about my injuries. i admit some i do to myself but the majority is all my dad. I hate having no refuge. no salvation. i can barely handle my family but if my grades dropped i know worse things would come.

"where are you off to this early, huh" my dad askes calmly. "um, a..... school starts today." i reply nervously staring at the floor. "and did you ask me if you could go this year?" he says sipping at his mug. " oh. i forgot to ask you..im really sorry." i say trying not to throw up. since when has saying sorry ever stopped him? im so stupid. "well what would have happened if i wasnt up yet and you had left? then you would come home and say sorry like you always do but you reslize there would be conciqences, right love?"  he puts his mug down and crosses his arms as if he was really a good father. crap. i know im screwed. "i didnt think of that." i say my voice wavering.

he opens his special cupboard. the one that i had wished for all these years didnt exist. he carefully looks over his special weapons that he holds so dear to him. my dad pulls out a small hand knife. ok, he was going to go easy on me this time. but i knew i wouldnt be so lucky tonight when my mother wont give him what he craves.

i held out my arms palm out, as he stalked over to me like a lion to its prey. he roughly grabbes my wrist and pulls it torwards him. he starts to kiss my hand and whispers the same thing he always does. "you know i dont like being the bad guy, but you make me be." then he dug the blade into my scarred arm.


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