Lost and Found

Kendall has had a hard life. Her family is a mess and she always gets bullied at school. The only person that has ever stood up for her is Louis Tomlinson. He even made his sisters be friends with her and he would always take care of her cuts and bruises without asking how she got them. He was kendall's everything. Until that everything leaves her to try out for x-factor. When he doesn't come back alone he forgets about her. Until he finds her standing in the middle of a railroad track....


3. its worse since you left

2 years later


louis' POV

"heeey mummmy!!! i brought me friends with meeeee!" i call out as i walk in through the front door with my friends. "are you sure its ok that we drop in like this?" askes my blond friend. "absolutely!!!!! why would she mind?" i say dropping down on my old couch.

ah i missed this place. but something was missing. not my sisters. i looked around. the house is still the same. wierd. ooh well! im hoooome! with my 5 best friends! how could it get any better?!

kendall's POV

"here mom." i say handing her some aspirin. "thwanks!" she slurs. i know why she drinks. cause of my dumbass dad. if i could drink i would too.

"Kendall!" yells my father from downstairs. i run down to not anger him. hes gotten worse since louis left. he did more sexual things,  more scary things. i shivered. a lot of things changed when louis left.

i missed him. i havent seen him since he left. well ive seen posters of him but besides that nothing.

as i reached my so called dad he stood up from his football. "down! on your knees!" i did as he said. "Shirt!" he said ponting at me. my shirt came off and i handed it to him feeling like i was about to cry but i knew i had to be strong. here and at school with people spitting on me and pushing me around. i swear im at my breaking point.

he took off his pants and sat down in front of me, as he threw yet another beer bottle at the wall. how many have i brought him now? ten? fifteen? i didnt know anymore. my lip had started to quiver and he noticed it.

"aww. is my princess crying? you know what would help?" i hated it when he tried to be a father and a rapist. "if you let me take care of you. nice and easy." he leaned in with a knife and rope as he led me into my bedroom.

harry's POV

i could tell something was wrong with louis. he kept staring off into the distance and barely laughed or said anything as we watched bridesmaids for the tenth time. whats up with him. then he suddenly got up and said he had to go do something.

"do what?" asked liam being worried. " i have to go see an old friend and make sure shes ok." he said runing out of the house. what the hell?

 louis POV

 i finally remembered! how could i forget!? i needed to see her! see her ok and happy. see her scars healing. see HER healing. and i needed to see her now.

kendall's POV

i cant take it anymore. i have to end this. i have to end all the mornings waking up naked. i have to end all the days trying to keep my wounds from getting infected. end all the rumors, all the worried days. i have to end my life. but how? then i remembered the railroad tracks down the street where all the seniors made out at.

i looked down at my sleeping dad and got up. i moved out of the house in only my underwear. its not like it mattered. the only thing they would find of me would be stained red from my blood.

louis' POV

i walked up to her house but then remembered about her parents. i sighed clenching my fists. how can i see her!? iv never been in her house so i dont know what window to look in. i know she wouldnt be out and about. jesus christ!! i had to see her!

i started wandring around until i came to rubble ground and immediantly remembered the place. i had some fun times here. then i saw a familiar figure in only her underwear.

wait. what?! what was kendall doing here! she wasnt even a senior! then i saw her lay down in the middle of the track, as a light from an oncoming train showed in the distance.

harry's POV

i decided to follow louis cause i was really worried. firest he started to pace in front of a random house which freaked me out. then he came to some railroads. i saw him stop and i saw what he was looking at. a young beautiful girl  in her underwear lying down. wait.....theres a train coming! bloody hell!



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