Lost and Found

Kendall has had a hard life. Her family is a mess and she always gets bullied at school. The only person that has ever stood up for her is Louis Tomlinson. He even made his sisters be friends with her and he would always take care of her cuts and bruises without asking how she got them. He was kendall's everything. Until that everything leaves her to try out for x-factor. When he doesn't come back alone he forgets about her. Until he finds her standing in the middle of a railroad track....


2. first day

Louis' POV

I waited at the corner of my street looking down at Kendall's house. I wonder if shes going to have more cuts again. i bring bandages with me everywhere now cause i got into such a habbit. i peeked at the watch on my hand. god, shes going to miss the bus if she doesnt come soon! i start pacing since i was so worried. 

i knew what her dad did to her. i felt so powerless and stupid when i first realized it. nowadays since im a senior and go to a lot more partys i always worry that when she needs me i wont be there.

i see a small body come out the front door of kendall's house. its wearing a plain black jacket even though its already pretty hot outside.i realize its her when she pulls the hood down and shows her super curly brown hair and beuatyful yet worn down face. she starts to jog torward me. im already taking out my first aid kit.

"hey." she says breathless as she comes to a stop. " show me your arm." i say quickly, trying not to scream at the world. i get even angrier everytime it happens. which is basicly every fucking day. "no, im ok." she replys trying to cover her arms more. "damnit! show me your arms NOW." i say like a real dad should. i was so protective of her.

she finally pulls up her sleeves to show me red steaks going across her forearm, matching all the other pink marks. you could barely see any smooth white skin anymore.i sigh. i never ask her what happens cause i know how fragile she is.

i patch her up the best i can and then the bus pulls up. we sit together like usual and we just chit chat. "oh! i almost forgot! im gonna go try out for x-factor again this year!" i proclaim proudly. her eyes light up. "oh my gosh! really! i wish i could watch you..." she sighs glumly. her dad never lets her watch the telly. figures. "well thats if i even end up to the taping. but if not ill send you letters!" she has an odd expression on her face. i knew she wouldnt get the mail but i had to let her know i was there.


Kendall's POV

the rest of the day was a blur. i was proud of louis going back to the show. i knew he was going to go to the end. but thats what made me sad. i didnt want to be alone. i wont be able to handle it.

at the end of the day as i got onto my bus i got really hot so i took off my jacket and noticed all the eyes on me. crap. i forget too easily. now on the first day of school im already having a bad start. i could already hear the gossip.




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