He got us together

Amber and Liam were bestfriends forever! Than one day Liam got into a band with four other boys. Harry started to like Amber than Liam and Niall all liked Amber! What should she do? Who should she like?


2. Yes or No

Amber's Pov

        Liam walked on to the stage and he sang cry me a river, and he did amazing! I knew right there that he would get at least 3 yes's. After Liam sang he waited for there comments and if they would let him through or not. After two of them said yes I knew Liam was going go to bootcamp we just had to wait and see what Simon had to say. "Liam that was absolutaly incredible I told you back when you were at my house come back in two years and you would be a diffeent singer. I was right!" "Simon Yes or No?" "I'm going to say.... Yes!" "YES!!! Thank you Simon!" Liam made it too bootcamp! I'm so happy for him. "LIAM YOU DID IT!!! OH MY GOSH YOUR GOING TO BOOTCAMP!" "I KNOW!!! Thank you so much Amber, without you I wouldn't have came back" "Liam, Thank you for bringing me! Now lets celebrate!"

Liam's Pov

     I cant believe I just made it to bootcamp I'm still in shock that they said yes! That was just an amzazing feeling I got when Simon said yes! "Let's go and celebrate, Liam." Amber was just so positive. She knew that I was going to make it and she knew I was thinking I wasn't but she never let me down. Amber is my definition of bestfriend. "Ok. Just let me call my sister first." I went to call my family right away. Maddie my older sister well actually she's the same age, but I call her mu older sister because she acts older than me. So she answered the phone and was just asking to many questions. "Maddie, I made it to bootcamp! I'm going make it this time." "OMG!!!!! LIAM IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!"  "Thanks Maddie, Now put Mom and Dad on." "Alright I'll talk to Amber about it." Maddie and Amber are so close they talk to eachother everyday, They can't be seperated. "Mom, Dad?" "Yes Liam?" "I'M GOING TO BOOTCAMP!!!" "THATS AWESOME LIAM WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!" "Thank you!! tell the rest of the family I say Hi. I'm going to go celebrate with Amber. Bye!" "Bye Liam." My parents always have and will support me. Now it was time to party with Amber!!

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