He got us together

Amber and Liam were bestfriends forever! Than one day Liam got into a band with four other boys. Harry started to like Amber than Liam and Niall all liked Amber! What should she do? Who should she like?


6. Vacation

Amber's Pov

     I can't believe i'm going to hangout with the boys! Harry was cute, I dont know if I would date him though. Im so happy they invited me but I have to surprise Liam, he keep's talking about how he misses his sister MAddie so as a surprise im going to tell her where Harry's step dads house is. He's going to be so surprised! "Hey Harry? Come here for a second." As Harry walked I had this feeling of... Warth. I never had that feeling before. "What's up love?" "Well  I wanted to know if Liam's sister could come with us? He really misses her and I wanted to surprise him!" "Ya, of course. Anything for you, love." When harry said that I had a really weird feeling. Im sure it was love! "Thank you, Harry!" "Anytime, love!" Harry soon gave me the directions to the house and I called Maddie.

Maddie's Pov

     I wanted to know what Liam and Amber were doing! Liam talks about Amber all the time! He has such stronge feeling for her. So I hope they go out because than she would be my sister-in-law! That would be awesome! I miss her so much right now, I need to talk to her! I picked up my phone and was about to dial her number 'Rrrrrriiiinnnggg' "Holy shit!" It was Amber!! "Hey Amber, you almost gave me a heart attack!! I was about to call you!" "HAHA, Thats just how I roll." "Ya, Okay you keep thinking that!" "Ouch, Anyways I want to surprise Liam so list-" "Are you guys dating?" "No, Why? Is he going to ask me?" "Ummm No I just think you guys would be really cute!" "No! I dont look at him like that." Okay, now that changes everything for Liam what if he askes her and she turns him down! He's going to be heart broken! "Okay anyway what where you saying?" "Ya so I wanted to surprise Liam so he's in this band right, and there staying at one of the members house and I asked if you could come and he said yes! Liam really misses you so much!" "Okay tell me where you are! I'll leave tonight!"

Liam's Pov

                                                                      *Next day*

Harry's step dad's house was amazing! It was so beautiful, it was a nice light brown house with stones on the bottom! There was a fire pit in the back and im sure we will be using that a lot! There was also a pool i dont think we will use that a lot but I think we will use that a couple of times! There was also another reason that this trip was awesome! It was because the hot brown hair brown eye girl came here! I think I love her! There was nothing better than sitting with her! We were watching Toy story, my favorite movie!

                                                                    *knock, knock*

Amber shot straight up "Liam stay here!" Amber ran to the door. Who would it be? Someone for HArry's dad? "Liam close your eyes!" "Alright there closed." I heard two steps of foot prints and my heart instantly fell. Im heart broken that must be her boyfriend! I cant believe she has a boyfriend! "Alright Liam, open your eyes!" when I opened my eyes I was expecting a tall man to stand right beside her... No it wasn't a man! "MADDIE!!" I ran straight to her and gave her the biggest hug! I love my sister so much!

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