He got us together

Amber and Liam were bestfriends forever! Than one day Liam got into a band with four other boys. Harry started to like Amber than Liam and Niall all liked Amber! What should she do? Who should she like?


4. The News

Simon Cowls Pov

          All of these singers were awesome but sadly we had to get rid of some. We told everyone who was staying and it was hard to tell the rest of the singers that they didnt make it but we had to keep only a sertain amount of singers "I'm sorry but the rest of you didn't make it, I'm very sorry."


Liam's Pov

         I cant believe I didn't make it threw to the judges homes. I made it last year and this is like a huge step down for me! Now I wont be able to go back to the judges homes! I walked over to Amber and just went to her arms and cried. Nothing was going to make me happy right now!


Amber's Pov

        Liam didn't make it! I was so sure that he was going to make it. Liam just came up to me and started to cry. I wanted to sry with him I was so sad! I just knew that the judges made a mistake and there not letting Liam back again was just dumb, because he was an amazing singer and I know there going to regreat not letting Liam threw. I hugged him for along time, I didnt say anything either because I knew nothing would help him right now. Niall the person Liam sang  with didnt make it either! I was just so shocked. The kept a lot of good singers but they lost a lot of excilent singers. After a couple of minutes while Liam was crying i just cried with him because I felt so bad!

                                                           *20 minutes later*

          They called Liam and a couple of boys back and a couple of the girl that they lost back into the audditorium and I just waited out the doors to hear the news of why they pulled them back in again. I dont think anyone knew why they were getting called back in to see them again.

Liam's Pov

         They called a couple of us back and no one knew why. So we went back to the judges to see what the news was and why they needed to see us?



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