He got us together

Amber and Liam were bestfriends forever! Than one day Liam got into a band with four other boys. Harry started to like Amber than Liam and Niall all liked Amber! What should she do? Who should she like?


7. that's so sad

Maddie's Pov

                                                                   *Next day*

      I missed Liam so much and I just want to talk to Liam. I need to tell him to do stuff differently think things different before he askes her!  When I got there and Liam was so happy to see me but twhen I got there it was pretty late so I went straight to bed. I need to tell him today before he askes her. I went down in the dining room and Amber and Liam were there so i was pretty sure the rest of them where up and moving around! "Well finally decide to join us?" "What its like nine." "Maddie it's twelve o'clock!" "OMG! whoops." After we just burst out laughing because we didnt know what else to say and when we dont know, we laugh. "Hey Amber, Can we have some privacy please?" "Ya, Of course i'll just go hangout with the boys." so she left and know I was left alone with Liam, Now I need to ask and tell him important stuff! "Liam? Are you ever going to ask Amber out? "I don't know, I like her a lot but I don't know if she likes me in that way. Plus Harry really likes her so im stuck between a rock and a hard place!" Liam and his quotes! I was nervous for Liam because if he didnt ask Amber out soon or find out if she likes him in the same way he like her than he will be to late, Harry will ask her out before he does! "Liam you need to find out if she likes you, if you dont she probably will be with Harry an you would lose your chance with her!" Liam knew I was right, he just wont believe me. "I know it's just, I don't know when to ask her. I cant find a perfect time to ask her?" Im hoping he askes her soon! "Alright, but you better ask her, and soon. Now tell me everything since you auditioned!

Niall's Pov

       I saw Amber walking towards us I knew this would be a good time to get to know my future girlfriend! I really like her she's perfect, and she loves food! "Hey Amber, let's talk!" "Alright" as Amer walked over her hair swayed to the side and the sun was shining on her! i know shes the girl for me!"So Amber.. I want to get to know you, I dont want to be strangers hangoing out. So tell me about yourself and you family?" "Well I have nothing really interesting about me and what you need to know about me would tell you by looking at me." Amber is funny but I dont believe her. I think something happened to her that we dont know about. "No seriously tell me." "Okay, well I have a dad and my mom passed away a couple years ago. Im the oldest out of my two brother's. Jake and Zach there twins. There 14 right now and im 19. When I was 10 my brother's were 5 and after there 5th birthday our mom passed away. It was a hard time for us, Than a year or so after my dad left us for another women so we were put up for adoption. I went to a home pretty fast and so did my brother's but we didnt go to the same home."

                                                              (FLASH BACK)

"Amber? Is daddy coming back for us? I dont like it here!" "Jake, daddy won't come for us. He's going to have childeren and love them and forget about us!" "Why?" "Zach, dont cry. Were going to be alright! Daddy didnt love our Mommy so Know he needs a different family." After I said that it was silent tears. I knew what I said to my brother's was mean but they need to know the truth! They have been living a lie. "Amber theres a family to come and see you!" "See boys I knew we were going to go to a loving family!" The place where we were was dark and dirty full of kids like us. I start getting the boys and gathering there stuff. "No, Im sorry its just you Amber." "What? These are my brothers!" "I'm sorry its just you." "NO, Not without my brother!" "SECURITY!" They called security on me! No thats not cool. "NOO IM NOT LEAVING!" I screamed. My brothers were hugging mt and crying! "Boys it will be alright!" They were pulling my brothers off me! "NOO!" I cried! they got the boys off and all I could hear was crying! I was fighing and fighting to go back and say goodbye! They wouldnt let go. "BOY'S ILL FIND YOU!! JUST REMEMBER ME!! I LOVE YOU GUYS WITH ALL MY HEART AND I WILL FIND YOU!!" I dont even know if they said anything else I was already pulled out of the room! I never even got to say goodbye! They were sending me away with my other family. That was the last time I saw my brothers.

                                                              (Back to reality)

Amber had the saddest storie in the world! I dont even know what to say to her! "Amber, that story is so sad I cant believe yo-" "Hey Amber.. Oh sorry Niall I just need to talk to her. Please?" "Ya, Go ahead." "Thank you, Amber come here quickly." "Alright i'm coming. I'll talk to you later." "Alright love." Maddie I think that's what Liam's sisters name is. She's beautiful too! She has such nice dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, she fitted her cloths really good. She was so pretty and me heart was racing when I saw her! I'm stuck between two girls.








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