He got us together

Amber and Liam were bestfriends forever! Than one day Liam got into a band with four other boys. Harry started to like Amber than Liam and Niall all liked Amber! What should she do? Who should she like?


3. Bootcamp

Amber's Pov

                                                                     *Next morning*

     Today was the day Liam was going to bootcamp. I was so nervous for him even though he's probably more nervous. I was in the auddience... well I was sitting in the seats, I was the only one sitting in the seats, but I was so excited for Liam. I couldnt wait to see him sing! "Ok, Liam your going to sing against.... Niall." Liam has to sing against people! Oh no, This shit just got real!


Liam's Pov

        I have to sing against a boy named Niall. I'm just so nervous now. I'm sure niall was more nervous than me though. We had to sing ins't she lovely. After our song was over I thought Niall did way better than me. This might be bad, I might get sent home!


Niall's Pov

       Liam was awesome at that song I knew I was going home I knew Liam would make it before me. Who would want to listen to my music, When I couldnt even sing isn't she lovely! "Hey mate, you did awesome. That was great." "Thanks, but you did better than me. I know your going to make it!" Liam was awesome. After we had to take our seats again and I looked up to the crowed for the last time because I knew I was going home, but I looked in the crowd and there I saw a girl sitting in the the seats. She looked amazing! Everyone was done now for singing and now we were waiting to see who would make it and who would be sent home!





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