He got us together

Amber and Liam were bestfriends forever! Than one day Liam got into a band with four other boys. Harry started to like Amber than Liam and Niall all liked Amber! What should she do? Who should she like?


1. Auddition Day.

Amber's Pov

   "Liam, this time I know your going to make it! There's no way they will say no!" Liam was an amazing singer and I couldn't get over the fact that Simon let him go! "Thank you, Amber I just hope I can make it all the way!" "Me too Liam." There were a lot of people before Liam was going to auddition for the X-factor but I just kept Liam focused to keep his head straight and not to be distracted.

Liam's Pov

    Amber is being such a good friend she's helping me stay focused and that's what I love about her. Amber and I were watching everyone sing and I was getting so nervous because I kept thinking that they were better than me. I saw some boys auddition in other places and they were so good! I cant remember there name's but they were really good. "Liam Payne?" "Yes?" "You're on is 5 minutes." said the worker. Now I'm more nervous because I was going on right away. "Liam, dont be nervous! I know your going to be great!"


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