Torn Over Two

Hannah has always been a directioner. When she meets One Direction and they actually become friends her life should be perfect right? Not exactly.... Hannah relationship with a certain band member becomes increasingly complicated after she starts dating the boy she has liked for 7 years.


5. The Trip

I walked in the room to find Louis and Zayn watching TV. They were the only ones in the room. I was about to ask where everyone was when I was grabbed by large hand and lifted off the ground. I was spun around and found myself facing beautiful green eyes. "Hi Hannah," he smiled. "Hi Hazza," I said as I kissed his cheek.

Harry guided me to the couch as Niall and Liam came out from the bedroom. I was abruptly placed in Harry's lap as he sat. I fell into his arms as they wrapped around me. "Hannah," he said, "do you want to come to the show tonight?" A wide smile spread across my face while I nodded. I had been invited to there concerts before but always felt bad about taking the tickets. This time felt different.

The boys had a busy day to start getting ready so I was stuck in there hotel room alone. I dialed Emily's number into my phone. "What happened?" She instantly yelled into the phone. I laughed, "you are going to have to be a little more specific." "Tell me everything," she demanded. After filling Emily in on the details she missed she asked me a question that made me think. "So are you and Brandon really going to be friends?" She asked. I wasn't really sure. I know I wanted to, but would Harry? I decided it was my decision what I wanted to do.

After waiting for a few my hours I got bored and decided to make another call. The phone was picked up within one ring. "Hey Brandon," I said into the reciever. "Hey," he answered back. "So I was thinking...... maybe we can hang out sometime. You know as friends," I told him. He laughed, "that sounds great." We made plans to meet next week knowing I would be back from my trip by then and then hung up. I then went to go get ready for the concert.

*Harry's POV*
I was in the middle of singing "they don't know about us" when I began to think about Hannah. I realized at one point I must have stopped singing and the boys were staring at me. "Something on your mind mate," Louis asked. "I was just thinking about Hannah," I responded, "were leaving tomorrow and then I'm not going to see her for two months." "I know it's hard not seeing your girl," Zayn said, "but when you see eachother after all that time it's perfect." I knew they were right, but I was still going to miss her.

The concert was about to start and I hadn't seen Hannah all day until I saw her running towards me. "Harry!" She screamed as I picked her up and spun her around. "Hey love," I said to her. The her soft lips touched mine. Her lipgloss tasted so good but soon it was gone. She smiled at me, "bye." She waved and then walked to go take her seat.

While we were performing I couldn't see her but I knew the area she was in I smiled knowing what was about to happen. "For are next song," Niall began, "we have picked a special guest to come on stage with us." The crowd began to scream. I then saw Hannah being escorted by the security guards to the stage a confused look on her face. Hannah was walked onto the stage and she looked at me. As she looked out into the crowd I could tell she had stage fright. She sat down on a chair on the middle of the stage and stared at me with a blank expression. I smiled and we began to sing "Little Things."

After the concert Hannah came up to me with testy eyes. That was amazing, "she said and hugged me. "Harry," she looked away, "I'm afraid this is the last we will be seeing of eachother for a while." My eyes widened, "what do you mean?" "I was supposed to go away in two days, but it turns out we are leaving early tomorrow so I won't be able to see you," she finished. Reality came crashing down on me. I knew we only had a short time left but not this short. She looked down at her phone. "I'm sorry Harry but I have to go now. I'm not goo I goodbyes and I want to make this as short as possible. I promise I call you everyday," she said and kissed my lips. Before I could say anything she walked away. I could see the tears streaming down her face. this wasn't the romantic goodbye I had hoped for but I guess goodbyes are never fun.

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