Torn Over Two

Hannah has always been a directioner. When she meets One Direction and they actually become friends her life should be perfect right? Not exactly.... Hannah relationship with a certain band member becomes increasingly complicated after she starts dating the boy she has liked for 7 years.


2. Realizing

The interesting thing about Brandon was I had liked him since middle school. If you ever liked someone for a long time you know the longing to be with them. Brandon was one of the greatest people I have ever met. Which made realizing what just happened feel even worse.

Harry noticed the sudden change in my emotion, "Did I do something wrong?" I looked up into his eyes I felt like they were reaching into my soul. "No," I answered, "but I did." I looked down at my phone BRANDON still flashing across the screen. I felt my eyes get blurry, but I was determined not to cry. Without luck one escaped and started down my cheek. Before it could get past my nose I felt a hand reach up and wipe it away. My hand reached up and grabbed his. Harry always made my tears go away, but I was afraid this time there was no helping me. Tears came down like a shower. Without thinking I got up and walked out.

Ignoring everyone sitting on the couch I walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. I needed to think this through. I decided to open the message that still lingered on my phone. "Its ok still love u," it read. Great. I wasn't even going to bother responding I wouldn't know what to say anyway.

I called my friend Emily to try and make some sense of what was going on. Somehow this ended in her deciding she was going to come down. After what felt like hours I finally got the nerve to go out. I thought maybe I could just act like nothing happened.

I seemed to have entered in the middle of an intense conversation because as soon as I walked in it stopped. I cleared my throat, " my friend Emily is going to come down. Is that ok?" " Sure," Liam smiled. I nodded looked at the empty seat next to Harry and decided to sit next to Niall.

The door knocked. I was relieve we had been sitting there in silence the whole time. I jumped up when I saw Emily walk through the door. I ran up and gave her a hug. Emily was more focused on the world's biggest boyband sitting on the couch in front of her. The look on her face was a look of pure joy. I started to laugh. It felt good to laugh even though I knew I shouldnt be. Emily always made me feel better even when she didn't try to.

After the initial shock of meeting one direction Emily told all of us to sit down. "Well," she said, "lets start with..... Hannah." I protested but she continued to interigate me. "So fill me in on what happened." I glared at her, "I'd rather not talk about this now." Suddenly Harry spoke, "I'll tell you what happened." I look over at him part of me wanted to know his side of what just happened. "Hannah has a boyfriend, but she belongs with me."

Harry and I have had our share of moments. The one that I remember the most was when the boys and I were playing truth or dare.

"Do you want to try this new app I got? It is really fun," I asked the group. I got various responses of ok and sure. We all sat in a circle and I opened up the app. "It's like truth I dare," I explained, "except the app chooses the truth or dare and who goes." I handed the phone to Louis who watched as the app chose its victim. He coughed, "Hannah and a dare. It says kiss the person to your left." I look over and there he is his green eyes realizing what was just said. He turned over to me. "You don't have to," Harry said. "Yeah she does. It's a dare," Liam said. "No," I gulped, "I'll do it." I reached my hand behind his neck and pulled his head closer. Our lips finally touch sending fireworks through my body. Our first kiss. When we pulled apart after a few second I had trouble figuring out what had just happened. After a few more less exciting rounds we ended the game. I got up to use the bathroom and suddenly my hand was grabbed and I was pulled into the closet. My lips placed onto anothers. I opened my eyes and there was Harry.
*end flashbacks*

The topic of Harry and I dating has come up before and everytime there seems to be a problem.

"Harry can I talk to you?," I asked. He got up off the couch and I grabbed his hand. I led him over to the bedroom. I began to speak, "Harry I really care about Brandon," he looked away from me I felt more tears filling up my eye still I continued, "but I care about you too maybe even more." He looked back up questioning my comment. I grabbed his waist and pulled him close to me. Our lips met. It was perfect and I was almost sure I was with the right person

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