Torn Over Two

Hannah has always been a directioner. When she meets One Direction and they actually become friends her life should be perfect right? Not exactly.... Hannah relationship with a certain band member becomes increasingly complicated after she starts dating the boy she has liked for 7 years.


7. Life

Several months later:
My number of social outings has decreased the only person I hang out with is Emily and when we do she comes to my house. I barely make it through the school day since Brandon is in all of my classes. He has come up to me a few times and tried to apologize. I turned him down everytime.

Haylor is everywhere. I can't even go into the freaking grocery store without seeing there faces together on a magazine. It drives me insane. Only to add to it there is this girl Caylie at my school who loves Haylor and talks about it EVERY day. Sometimes I just want to punch her.

While walking to math Caylie came up to me and started to tell me another Haylor story, "so I heard Harry was taking taylor on a trip isn't that so cool!" "Amazing," I said sarcastically and walked into class I took my seat in the front of the room. Emily came over to my desk. "Hey can you come to my house and help me study for the test tomorrow," she pleaded. I sighed I really wasn't in the mood, but I agreed.

We didn't spend a lot if time studying actually we spent most of it crying. Both of us. Sometimes I think it's weird how much we feel eachothers pain. In the little amount of studying we got down I think Emily learner a lot. I had learner a lot to. Not that about math, but that I don't need Harry or Brandon in my life to be happy.

On my drive home I actually smiled for the first time in a while. I was already planning out my new life. I was no longer just going to sit around and mope. As I pulled into my driveway I saw a large dog run by. That was strange I thought. I began to walk on the path that leads to the front door when I saw something. "Oh," I said as I looked at the black figure standing in front of me. It stepped out of the darknesss and there emerald eyes began to glow. I gasped,"Harry." "Hello love," he said. I stood there my jaw hanging wide open. His face became serious, "look Hann I know you probably hate me and I know why, but Taylor didn't mean anything to me. I think the real reason I started going out with her was because I was afraid. I was afraid because I was falling in live with you." My eyes widened. He continued, "and I realized I truly do love you and couldn't hide it any longer." I began to make words, "I thought you were on vacation." He laughed, "after my speech that's all you have to say. I laughed, "Harry I love you too." I his arms wrapped around me as he began to kiss my lips. "Oh God I missed you," he whispered. "I missed you too Harry," I smiled. I think my life would be ok the way it was.

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