Torn Over Two

Hannah has always been a directioner. When she meets One Direction and they actually become friends her life should be perfect right? Not exactly.... Hannah relationship with a certain band member becomes increasingly complicated after she starts dating the boy she has liked for 7 years.


6. Heartbreak

*Hannah's POV*

One week later:
I had missed Harry so much it would be nice to hang out with a friend. I rang the doorbell and soon it was answered. "Hann!" He said and then hugged me. "Hi, Brandon," I said as I laughed. We walked into his house and up the stairs to his bedroom. It was exactly the same way it had been the last time I was here which felt like so long ago.

We chatted mostly about my vacation. He seemed genuinely interested. I decided to check my twitter. I scrimped down reading boring tweets about what everyone was doing until I came to a news update. It was about Harry. Harry styles has recently been spotted with Taylor Swift. The two have not confirmed themselves as a couple, but reliable sources have. I scrolled down farther to see a picture of Taylor with Harry's arm wrapped around her. The picture was captured Haylor. I looked up tears already streaming down my face. Brandon looked over concerned. "Can I go make a phone call?" I asked him. He nodded and I walked over the the bathroom and closed the door.

Harry and I hadn't talked recently and now I knew why. "Hello," his husky voice answered. "Look Harry," I began, "I know we never talked about being exclusive but I thought you would atleast ask me before you started dating someone else." He sighed, "Hannah love I'm sorry. I know I just got so shocked someone as famous as her would go out with me." I rolled my eyes, "Harry you're famous and since obviously we are not exclusive I guess I can start dating other people too." I hung up the phone and ran into Brandon's room. "Are you " I interrupted him as I grabbed him and pulled him towards me. Our lips touching gently. The kiss was sweet and soft full of love. "Brandon I never shoulder have broken up with you. I'm so sorry I know now you are the only one who will never hurt me," I said. He smiled,"I thought I would never hear you say that."

After a few minutes of talking Brandon's mom called him down to do something. As he walked out the door his phone began to ring. He turned around, "can you pick that up babe?" "Sure," I smiled. I walked over and said hello in my manliest voice. "Hey Brandon its me," the voice said, "look I know you said you never wanted to see me again because you don't want to hurt that stupid girls feeling, but it doesn't change the fact that you cheated on her and now that you are broken up anyway I was thinking..." I hung up the phone and through it on Brandon's bed. I marched down the stairs headed for the door. "Who was it?" He asked. "Your new girlfriend," I said as I slammed the door on my way out.

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