Torn Over Two

Hannah has always been a directioner. When she meets One Direction and they actually become friends her life should be perfect right? Not exactly.... Hannah relationship with a certain band member becomes increasingly complicated after she starts dating the boy she has liked for 7 years.


4. Friendships

Thankfully Liam was the one to answer the door. As Brandon excused himself to the bathroom I became increasingly worried about the questions coming my way."Who's that?" Niall asked. "Brandon, my boyfriend. Where's Harry?" I questioned then realized I still called Brandon my boyfriend. "He hasn't come back from his walk yet," Zayn said, "what is he doing here?" I explained what happened and at the end of my story the front door clicks open and in walks Harry. At the same time Brandon walks out from the bathroom.

*Harry's POV*

Who does this guy think he is trying to take my Hannah away from me. Does she even realize how much pain it causes me not to be with her. I saw Hannah get up and started to follow her. I shut the door and wrapped my arms around her body. She pushed me off. I sighed, "look Hann I'm sorry. I just...." She stopped me. She began to speak, "Do you know what I was doing?" I looked away unable to face her. She kept talking,"I was breaking up with him." I looked up to see her beautiful blue eyes staring up at me. Suddenly, her lips came into mine and we fell onto the bed.

We sat on the bed as she rested her body into me. Nothing more had happened besides the kiss, but somehow the kiss meant more. I picked up her hand and softly kissed the back of it. She smiled. "Harry, we should probably go back out now," she stated. She stood up and grabbed my hand. Her small fingers barely covering mine. she opened the door and dropped my hand. I gritted my teeth. It was obviously because she didn't want to hurt this guys feelings. The other room was filled with pizza boxes that must have been ordered while we were away. Hannah and I sat down and she began to eat. All I could do was stare at her the whole time.

*Hannah's POV*

I could feel Harry's eyes on me, but acted as if I didn't. I didn't want Brandon to see. I was now aware of how late it was and knowing that they had an early sound check tomorrow we all should be getting some sleep. I said goodbye to the boys and told Harry I would be back tomorrow. Emily, Brandon, and I exited the warm hotel to enter the cold parking lot. It was at that moment I realized that Emily was taking her own car home and I would be stuck alone with Brandon. I considered asking Emily to drive him home but she barely knew him and I lived closer to him anyway.

Brandon jumped into the passenger seat. I began to drive down the road and Brandon started to talk, "So Harry seems nice." I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He continued, "I mean its understandable why you would like him." I sighed, "Brandon." "It's ok really," he spoke.

The rest of the car ride was silent. I pulled up to Brandon's house, but instead of him getting out we sat there for a few minutes. "I won't tell anyone," he looked at me, "I can tell you don't want your friendship with them getting out." "Thanks Brandon,' I had a question now on my mind, "Brandon do we still have a friendship?" He laughed, "of course." He leaned over and kissed my cheek then like that he was gone.

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