Hunting James Moriarty (A BBC SHERLOCK FANFIC)

When Annie's parents are killed by a man named James Moriarty, she wants revenge. But an unlikely alliance with a certain famous detective and doctor may come in handy when fighting a consultant criminal. However, much like Holmes, Annie no longer "has a heart" and now doesn't let any emotions get in her way... But will that include love?


3. Meeting the great Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson


The front door of 221B opened slowly. A little old woman stood in the doorway.


"Erm. Hi. I'm here to see..." I pulled out the piece of paper, "Mr Holmes and Doctor Watson."


She turned. "Boys! You've got another one." She shouted. She turned back to face me. 


"Come on in dear, I'll take you to them." She walked back into the house and I followed, shutting the door behind me.


I followed the little lady up the stairs and into a huge room filled with stuff from books to a Cluedo board knifed in the wall. There was a skull on the mantelpiece and a violin nicely placed on the little table near the window.


"You can sit down whilst you wait, dear." The little woman pointed to the sofa closest to the door. 


I nodded and sat down. She left and went back downstairs. I started fidgeting. Patience wasn't one of my best skills and soon enough, I was on my feet looking around the room. I walked over to the laptop that was switched on next to the violin. Its open window was on a page from a blog. The title read: "A Study in Pink." with a little view counter saying 1895. I raised an eyebrow slightly then shrugged. There was a cough from behind me. I spun around to see that the man standing in the doorway was the man with brown hair from the cemetery who had been to see my parents’ fresh grave. He took a step closer.


"Hi. I'm Doctor Watson. But please call me John." He said.


"Um. Hi. I'm Annie." I said, cautiously. Then I smiled, "You're an ex-army soldier aren't you? I'm guessing Afghanistan from the way that you are standing."


He looked shocked. "I thought only Sherlock could do that."


"Do what?"


"Deduce things that normal people… wouldn't." a deep voice said.


I felt my heart stop for a moment as I recognised this man as well. He was the taller of the two men. He smiled as he walked forward. He looked me up and down, obviously trying to figure something out about me but not getting anything. I smirked.


"Let me guess... Mr Sherlock Holmes?" I smiled.


"Nice to meet you." He replied.


Sherlock walked over to me so he was standing an arm’s length away from me. He raised an eyebrow. Over Sherlock’s shoulder I could see John standing there awkwardly so I walked past Sherlock and over to John.


“Cup of tea maybe?” I asked.


He nodded and showed me into the kitchen. I quickly made some tea and then gave it to them. They both sat down and I stood by the fireplace, inspecting the skull.


“May I ask what you are doing here?” John asked.


“Greg gave me your address.” I replied.


“Greg?” Sherlock questioned.


“Yes. Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade. He was a good friend of my parents.”


“And why did he send you here?”


“Because I need to find a man… Jim Moriarty.”


Sherlock and John both stopped drinking their tea suddenly.


“Why Jim Moriarty?”John asked.


“He killed my parents… I think it’s payback time.” I answered.


“Your parents were Jack and Kylie Lewis… weren’t they?”


“Yeah. I don’t care about them being killed… I just want to know why.”


Sherlock stood up and walked out of the room. John sighed.


“He knew them... Worked with them a couple of times. They accepted him… when others wouldn’t.”


I looked back to the skull. I smiled slightly at John and then walked in the direction Sherlock had. I found myself outside a door to what seemed like a bedroom. I knocked twice and waited.

“Yes?” Sherlock’s deep voice said from within.


I opened the door and walked in. On the wall was a periodic table. The curtains were shut and there was a double bed in the middle of the room with a bedside table next to it. Sherlock was lying on his back with his eyes closed and his hands pressed tightly together just above his chest. He opened his eyes as I sat on the end of the bed.


“Are you okay?” I asked, genuinely concerned.


“Yes. I just didn’t know it was Moriarty who killed them. It’s a bit of a shock really” He replied. “How did you know it was Moriarty?”


“I tracked down the assassins who killed them. They gave me Moriarty’s name. After a long painful extraction process.”


“Can I talk to these assassins?”


“Sorry but no. They tried to kill me so I sort of… blew them up.”


“Blew them up?”


“Yes. It’s what they deserved. If I hadn’t killed them then they’d kill other people so it seemed logical.”


Sherlock sat up.


“Feeling any guilt? Remorse?”




I stood up and offered my hand to Sherlock. He took my hand and I helped him stand up.


“How old are you? 19? 20?” he asked


“16 actually. And before you ask yes I’ve killed lots of people. It’s in my job description. Undercover police operative yet with a bit of a bloodthirsty thing going on.” I chuckled.


Sherlock rolled his eyes.


“You’re not a Psychopath or a serial killer by any chance?”


“Nope. Not the slightest chance of me being either of those two. I’d prefer to think myself more of a Sociopath.”


Sherlock laughed and a big grin appeared on his face. We both walked back into the living room where John was now sat in front of his laptop. As soon as we walked in, he lifted his head to look at us.


“Where are you staying at the moment?” Sherlock asked, sitting down next to John.


“The streets. Don’t really feel like I can go home yet.” I answered.


“You can stay here if you want… Until you’re ready” John suggested.


“Okay. But where will I sleep?”


“Well you can have my bed and I’ll take the couch.” Sherlock said before anyone could interrupt him.


“Or you could always share John’s bed as you two seem… like you swing that way.” I chuckled. “Johnlock!”


Both men looked at me in horror which only made me laugh even more.


“Johnlock? Why Johnlock?” Sherlock exclaimed.


“But I’m not gay!” John protested.


“It’s your OTP name.” I said calmly.




“It’s where you put two people together to form a couple and you mix their names together to create the couple name. The person who’s name is at the front at the couple name is the dominant one in the relationship whereas the person who’s name is the last part is the subdominant in the relationship. So in your case, John is the dominant one and Sherlock is the subdominant… Oh god. That sounded a lot better in my head.” I stopped and smiled nervously at a now fuming John and a relaxed Sherlock who appeared to have a smirk on his face.


There was silence. I looked at the floor, not knowing whether I had overstepped the mark.

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