Hunting James Moriarty (A BBC SHERLOCK FANFIC)

When Annie's parents are killed by a man named James Moriarty, she wants revenge. But an unlikely alliance with a certain famous detective and doctor may come in handy when fighting a consultant criminal. However, much like Holmes, Annie no longer "has a heart" and now doesn't let any emotions get in her way... But will that include love?


1. Introductions

My eyes opened wide as he pressed the gun to my back. I smiled as I spun around quickly, sending the gun flying out of his hands. I drew my fist back and then punched him in the face. I threw myself to the floor and hit the button on the remote control which I had just pulled out of my pocket. There was a huge explosion. I crawled along the floor as pieces of metal went flying across the room. I stood up as I reached the door and smiled.
"See yah later Hun." I chuckled.


"Annie! Hurry up otherwise we're going to be late," a voice awoke me from my deep sleep.

I slowly got up and rubbed my eyes. I walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a black vest top and black leggings. I got changed and then went into the bathroom. I pulled my long blonde hair back into a tight, neat ponytail and quickly put on my makeup. After washing my teeth, I walked downstairs and into the kitchen where Jennie was waiting for me. I sighed as I saw the flowers on the table.

"Sorry babes." Jennie said, hugging me tightly.

"Doesn't matter. Let's just get this over with yeah?" I replied, trying not to wince as she hugged me and was touching the bruises from the previous nights events.

Jennie pulled away and smiled. She took my hand, grabbed the flowers and pulled me out of the house and into the car. I sat in the passenger seat as she drove us to the cemetery.

Everyone was there. Rebekah, Catherine, Rihannon, Aimee. We all huddled around the two pits that had been dug into the ground, waiting for the two coffins to be dropped slowly into them. The headstones had already been placed at the head of the pits. They read:
"Here lies the wonderful mother and father - Mrs Kylie Lewis and Mr Jack Lewis who passed away sadly on the 12th January 2013 in a terrible accident. Forever in the hearts of their friends and family."

I sighed as the funeral service started. The vicar talked about the Lewis' lives and how they had been amazing at their jobs and amazing parents. Then he let Jennie take over where she cried about how they were like a second lot of parents to her and how they had always supported her and me. Rebekah squeezed my hand and put her arm around my shoulders.

Catherine walked up to me and kissed me on the forehead and said, "Don't worry Nialler, I'm sure they'll be looking down on you from heaven. Like I always say, Chin up head down."

I chuckled and said "thanks boo bear. I'm fine though. You know I don't have a heart to care with anymore."

Catherine nodded slowly and wiped a tear from her eyes. The coffins were put in the ground and everybody started to leave the cemetery... Except from two men. One was tall whilst the other was short. The short one had mousy brown hair with dark blue eyes and was wearing a black jacket on top of a white buttoned shirt and brown trousers. The tall man however, had dark brown curly hair with green/grey eyes. He was wearing a long black trench coat that was partly buttoned up which finished just below the knees with a dark grey scarf, black lace up shoes, black trousers and what looked like a suit underneath the coat. They approached the freshly covered graves and shook their heads slightly in disbelief. Then the tall one turned and looked at me. His eyes met mine and for a second I felt fear and curiousness rise up within me.

"Annie... Come on!" Rhiannon shouted, snapping me out of my little day dream.

I looked towards the car where the girls were and then back to my parents graves but the two weird men were nowhere to be seen. I sighed, turned around, walked over to the car and got in.

When we arrived back at my house, I went straight up to my parents room. I went to the wardrobe and grabbed the box at the very bottom. I put it down on the floor and, after checking that no one was looking, I opened it. Inside where files that my mum and dad had been reporting on. No one knew that my parents were really undercover police and that I had been fully trained for the job too. All my friends thought I went out every night to different parties but really, I was solving crimes. I flicked through the files till I found the one on the case of a man who had gone missing earlier this month... A man named James Moriarty. He looked so familiar too me but I didn't know why. But I knew for a fact that he was the reason why my parents were dead. He'd sent trained assassins after them and tortured them before killing them. I wanted revenge... I wanted to make him suffer like he had made my parents suffer.

I threw the files back into the box but kept the Moriarty one in my hand. I put the box back in the wardrobe and walked into my bedroom. Jennie called me so I put the file under my pillow and went downstairs. Bridesmaids the DVD was laid on the table and Bekah (Rebekah), Catherine, Aimee and Rhiannon were all slouched on the sofa. Jennie walked in carrying a tray with drinks and food on it and placed it on the table next to the DVD. Jennie put the DVD into the player and we all snuggled up on the sofa filling our gobs with food and then crying with laughter at all the funny parts. The girls joked about how I'd end up like the main character because she was called Annie as well. I rolled my eyes and hit Catherine with a pillow. She gasped and then hit me back. Soon enough there was a massive pillow fight and then Catherine, being the clutz that she is, knocked all of the drinks off the table as she fell off the sofa. We all laughed and then we all got changed into our pjs. The deal was was Aimee, Jennie, Bekah and I all slept on the floor and Catherine and Rhiannon slept on the sofas which was slightly unfair as I'm the youngest out of all of us. Bekah's the oldest as she is 20, Aimee is 17, Jennie is 16, Rhiannon is 16, Catherine is 16 and, as I'm born in August and am the youngest, I am 16 but only just.

After making sure that everyone was asleep, I tip toed up the stairs and most of my clothes, makeup, hair stuff and the file into my rucksack. I put it on my back and opened the window. I took one final look back at my bedroom and smiled as I remembered all of the happy memories I had in that room. Then I threw myself off of the window ledge and into the night.
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