the wolf

young ella, didn't understand her grandpa, the great wisdom he spoke never came out clear. Just before Ella's 10th birthday her parents vanished and never came back home. she was sent to her grandpa's house and lived with her grandpa and grandma for three years. After discovering her grandpa's wisdom ella goes on a quest to find her parents she finds a wolf the wolf teaches her great things and great skills. she takes the wolf with her on her quest. Once she finds her parents in a far away town after they had been living there for the past four years to make the money they needed to survive. ella has to make a choice.
to live with the wolves or to live among the humans.


1. The Question

   It was a normal rainy day in Ruba, the streets were flowing with water.In every alley there was water, on every door step of every house there was water. except for one house, but this was no ordinary house. this house belonged to Mr and Mrs.Cloud,Mr and Mrs.Cloud  had only one child and her name was ella. Ella was the type of girl who has her own personality, and her own way of     being herself. which in fact is a good thing because personally all the young girls in this town were the same, polite and cheerful. Ella was different, she didn't complement on everyones outfit that they wore to school that day, she didn't  brush her hair three times a day, and ella herself was a tomboy.

    on this rainy day ella had just been coming back from piano lessons that she took only on wednesdays, she arrived at the door step and knocked on the door. she waited.... no one answered " maybe they went out to get some food for tonight" ella quietly whispered to herself. But luckily ella had an extra key in her back pocket. she quickly opened the door and ran inside. Suddenly her eyes forced her to look at her dads office desk, the reason was that their was a desk lamp that was turned on but something had to be wrong, they never left a light on when they left the house, they always let the light from outside just come through the windows. Ella slowly crept over to the desk. On the desk there was a note that said

      "Dear ella, we would like you to know you will be spending some time at grandma and grandpa's house for the next few years. your grandma and grandpa already know your coming, we have left you with them for an important reason. Your taxi will arrive at 5:30, we will see you soon and we love you the most! from: mom and dad."

ella looked down at her watch and started to cry as she noticed it was already 5:31. she got out of the house and jumped into the car, but she left that house with one question, why did they go?

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