Loving Pain

Jane Forest is an 17 year old who wants nothing more than a pefect relationship. No more lies, cheats and more, from another man. And after meeting her ex at her new school, she feels like the world is against her. When the beautiful Chris comes into her life, she finds herself falling for him. But falling in love, isn't always smooth as in movies.


1. 1

'Jane Forest,' I hear a voice call me down the corridor. I sighed, standing up from the cold metal chair.

'Mr Petti will see you now.' I follow the woman up the corridor, knowing that I could never fit in at this school. The woman, that I was following, was wearing a pencil skirt with matching jacket, and high, sensible heels. I stared down at my choice of clothing. A pair of ripped jean with Emo-style belt and a "Soft Kitty" jumper, my brother gave me for Christmas, as I'm a Big Bang fan. Yep, I'm stylish... not.

She turned smiling at me. I winced a little at her yellowing teeth, knowing she was a smoker.

'I'll wait here for you. Just go in.' I wandered into the small room, filled with certificates with "Best School Head" and "Great Hygiene" stuck all around. Well, I noticed some errors in the toilets, like gum covered walls and graffitti on the stall doors. Yeah, best hygiene ever. I knocked on the wood door, at the end. Mr Petti coughed and I entered. Mr Petti was a balding man, with a grey suit and was quite small. He made it to my boobs, haha, oh my. What awkardness. He smiled at me and pointed to a chair across. I sat down and handed over my profile from my old school. He read it quietly, smiling at my clean records, obviously proud. Oh god. He placed it down and looked at me.

'Well, Miss Forest. Seems we're quite the good girl eh?' I nodded. What else was I to do? Smile and excitedly shout?

'We, here, at Meyher High love clean records. Now, I've not got much time today, as I've got a meeting, but at the end of the week, come back and tell me how you enjoy it here. Here's your timetable, now shoo. Haha' He laughed at his own joke as I stood. He was mental! I left the room and rejoined the woman, who was sitting filing her nails. I had a peek at her nametag which said "Mrs A. Hadding". Well, that was a nice name... I guess. She looked up and greeted me with a smile.

'Let's get you to class.' She squeaked, making my ears hurt. I followed her down a random route towards the English corridor, before knocking on the door at the end. Another woman opened it and smiled.

'Is this Miss Forest?' She assumed, her London accent droning through the quite halls.

'Yes, now, I'll leave her with you and when the bell goes, make sure she stays for second and third period.' They laughed, them Mrs Hadding left, her light brown hair bobbing in it's ponytail.

'Now class, this is Jane Forest. Greet her warmly.' I was dragged by my elbow, to the middle of a friendly looking class. They all said hi, smiling. One boy caught my eye. He didn't look up, but continued drawing on a piece of paper. Well, he seemed nice. He looked an awful lot like Harry Styles, but he made that haircut work.

'Why don't you tell us about yourself?' The teacher asked, sitting at her desk. I gulped and started to talk.

'My name's Jane, and I'm 17. Em... I have a Mom and five siblings, two sisters and three brothers. I'm the youngest. My Dad died when I was nine. My cousin is Jayy Von Monroe from Blood On The Dance Floor.' A few squeals of delight then.

'I like to sing and draw and write. I play guitar and piano, and I love Heavy Metal, Metal, Screamo, Punk, Rock, Techno and Electronica  That's it.' I said, smiling. The teacher smiled and then looked around.

'Where is she to sit?' She asked, looking round, her eyes cirling the room.

'Next to me.' A boy said, putting his hand up. I looked at him. It was the Harry look-a-like. I wandered towards the seat, and sat down, pulling my backpack off, and dumping it. I stared at the whiteboard as the teacher started to explain about some random thing.

'Ignore Miss Devonhart. She is quite the wierd one.' I turned to see the boy staring at me, his drawing, still not complete. I looked into his eyes, before he smiled at me. I then turned white. I rmebered him from somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. I have saw him though...

'I'm Ryan. How are you?'

Then that's when I realised... He was my ex-boyfriend...

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