Through Letters, Calls and Text

A normal girl named meg finds the perfect life. Her crush is in love with her and her best friend is back from x factor. But she brought someone home with her. Or should I say people. Liam,Louis, Neille, Zayn and Harry. Four friends in love with them and me, well let's just say life isn't so perfect.


3. Chapter 2

Lunch. Where popularity is the rule and the kings and queens rein. We all sat together. Louie, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam plus Me, Noelle, Sofia, Delaney and Lauren and Brett. Harry and Noelle met in the x factor auditions. Fell in love at first sight. I remember when I first thing she said when she got back to America was,"You a One Direction fan?""Sorry more of a hard rock lover," I laughed. Then I realized that she was holding someone's hand. Out behind her was Harry Styles. All I could say was "Wow.

"Harry, cupcake, this is Meg. Meg, Harry," She smiled. "Ello. Nice to finally meet you," he chirped. "You too," I shuddered. We go outside to talk about how they met when Liam, Louie, Zayn, and Niall popped up. What a first impression.

Louie yelled at the guys to stop saying tacos. He strut down the sidewalk with his Gucci bag clenched tightly in his arm. Liam and Niall ran out of the van screaming," Kevin! Kevin ate his first taco!" Niall with his blond hair and his innocent face ran up to Harry." Harry, they fed Kevin a taco. He didn't like it," he whimpered. " It okay leperchaun,"Harry said as he hugged Niall. Zayn just worked the sidewalk with his hair spray fluffing up anything in its path. I just laughed... and screamed.

"Ello, do you like tacooos!" Laim yelled in my ear. "Yes!" I screamed back. I knew this was a bunch of boys who liked their attention. This was going to be a long relationship. Right at that moment my ears finally are able to hear again, Delaney, Sofia, Lauren and Brett run out screaming. Brett comes over to me.

"They keep saying naughty words," He complained." Pussy. Cunt. Dick!" Delaney yelled. Lauren just gave them the look that said stop it now." Louie, guys come over here,"Harry yelled. They all came running like puppies. Expect Louie, who was walking trying to keep is clothes neatly pressed."Wow, Louie. Just. Wow, " Noelle said smugly. They all stopped when they met the gang. I saw something I never saw my friend, especially Brett, do. This was going get interesting.

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