Through Letters, Calls and Text

A normal girl named meg finds the perfect life. Her crush is in love with her and her best friend is back from x factor. But she brought someone home with her. Or should I say people. Liam,Louis, Neille, Zayn and Harry. Four friends in love with them and me, well let's just say life isn't so perfect.


2. Chapter 1

I wasn't supposed to run in the hall way, but that didn't stop me. WHAM! Foreheads smack. Chests hit. Hands touch. Kade's Face seemed in mid-laugh when I looked up. "Jeez, Meg," he laughed. "Sorry, Kade. I was actually trying to find you," I chuckled. "Same! Why were you trying to find me?" He smirked. "Well, you called me this morning and I was wondering why," I muttered. I was shy, quiet, and a nerdy type of person. I don't talk to populars or jocks. He was popular. How could I talk to him? "Oh, ya. I was trying to find you about that actually. You didn't answer and I needed to talk to you, so ya," He whispered. It was weird to hear him talk to softly considering how confidently and loud he is in class.

"Why did you call me?" I asked suspiciously. "I, umm, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go out with me," OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. My crush was asking me, a fat nerdy loser, out?! No way. "Umm, sure, but why me?" I choked. "I'll tell you later, I call you, kay?""Can you text 'cause I don't usually answer phone calls but I answer text messages."..."Sure."

I was so happy, I was going to explode. That explains why his friends kept asking me questions and who I like. I had to tell Noelle, Sofia and Delaney. 

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