Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


15. The 3 Evils

His eyes were closed and he was finding his place. It seemed like he couldn't open them though.

"Charlotte, love, is that you?" He still had a grip of the guitar but stumbled around the hall.

"Liam, yes, it is, are you ok?" I hopped over to him, try to grab a hold of the wandering lad.

"Charlotte, everything is black and I can't seem to open my eyes. Either this, or everything is black. Are you okay Lottie, can you see?"

Buzzing, I here buzzing again. I checked my phone, but it wasn't mine. The only texts in it were the ones I had received earlier.

"Liam, can I see your phone." he struggled to even take the phone out of his pocket. Poor lad. I can feel it already. This was all my fault. He handed me his phone, nearly dropping it. A text from the Spirit... what a surprise.

' Haha child, I see you have discovered the first punishment. You Charlotte, have refused to discover and challenge. We have decided as a punishment, to ruin what you love the most. Liam. At the moment, he can see no evil. You still have speak no evil and hear no evil. That's three strikes total. Take this as a warning. We give you one month now.'

The tears I had thought we're taken away from the Spirits were back again. Poor Liam has gotten himself into another mess thanks to my stupidity. Now, his once lively chocolate- brown eyes were a piercing midnight black. If I didn't do anything soon, his raspy, delicate singing voice would  be taken away too. Thinking more of it, without his hearing, we would never hear the sweet sounds of the ghostly instrument that still remains one of his best friends.

"Liam, I'm so sorry. I should've told you about the mission sooner, maybe you would've been safe if I had just let you alone, I'm so sorry."

I had trouble getting the words out, each letter that came out of my mouth sounded like purring of a cat. Each word mispronounced from the tears that shed from my eyes.

Whatever was left of Liam had sat down, leaning on my cell door, confused. His eyes were now useless marbles looking for an outage to the world beyond.

"Char, what in the world are you talking about?"

"Liam, you're blind, you know how you can't see anything, it's because you're blind and it's all my fault." I stated sternly. I sat next to him, burying my head between my knees. Gentle sobs continually releasing from my guilty heart, Liam was still confused.

"What in the world are you talking about, a mission? What? Lottie, please explain yourself."

"Liam, you're eyes aren't closed, because of my apperent recklessness and current behavior, they cursed you with blindness. Yesterday, the Spirits told me about a mission I had when they explained to me about how I wasn't human. I apprentley have to figure out the cloud's secrets and I had two months. I was too busy being depressed and what not instead of busy finding the secret, so they punished you to get me to start working. I only have a month now and I just can't Liam. I'm so sorry."

He waved his hands around, looking for where I was I guess. I positioned him in front of me. His  face in front of mines, I pictured his eyes staring into my owns.

"Dear, like I've said before, you're still young, you're one of the youngest here. You make mistakes, I know from experience, but you always figure out how to fix them. I understand I can't see now, but this isn't your fault. I will be by yourside this entire journey. I promise."

He trembled his hands onto mine and smiled.

"If I could only kiss you right now..." he smiled again. I had pity on him, he took everything the good way, never a bad thought in his mind, even when it was necessary.

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