Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


12. Oh good golly

Ok, so let me sum up what just happened to myself.

*I'm not dead.

*I'm not a ghost.

*Liam is dead.

*Liam is a ghost.

*Liam and I can't date since I'm not actually a ghost.

*The Grim Reaper is a jerk for bringing me here.

*If I don't figure out what the cloud world's secrets are, then I'm dead.

*Liam will be stuck here forever and will probably be forever alone if I die.

Wait, Liam! I promised I'd help him figure out his past. Ok, help him learn first, tell him good/bad news later....

I slowly went to find his cell. When I was at the right location, I heard strumming. The strumming of a song I loved oh so much, a song that meant a lot to the both of us. The Spirits must've given him the guitar as a gift for his good behavior. I crept into his room watching him play, I just wish I could identify the song..but if he remembers the song, does he remember life before?

"Um, Liam?" he jumped, guess I startled him.

"Yes love?"

"Um, that song, do you remember it? It was from your life before. You used to always play it to me when you were alive." He placed the guitar in the case and made room for me to sit with him on his bed.

"Not really, it just came to me."

"Well, that's why I'm here. I made a promise to help you, and I'm going to keep that promise." A huge, cheeky smile appeared on his face. I just love seeing him smile...though it was still awkward with our age difference and all.

"Thanks so much love, but what good could this do? All of the other ghosts remember how they died, as soon as they got here, and then you have me. I don't know and I don't think I ever will."

Poor Liam, it was all my fault he was here and he doesn't even know...sigh...

"Exacto Liam, remember when I had to go to the Spirits about 2 minutes ago? Well, the Spirit just told me I'm not a ghost..." I spoke softer as I told him I wasn't a ghost. The ghost handbook said no mortals allowed so it was really awkward for me to tell him this. When I looked back at him though, he was in utter shock. He never liked rule breaking and it's exactly what I'm doing.

"So, so you're a real person right now? And, that's why I can hug you...and it's why I've never seen you float...and it's why you can cry?" I simply nodded, wow this boy had a lot of questions...

"That doesn't matter though Li, I can tell you all of that later. You only have 2 days left until they send you down the river."

He let out a longer sigh than usual.

"Ok, whatever." He threw his arms into the air in surrender and lay flat onto his bed while I was squealing around his room cheering.

I then pulled him off his bed (he was surprisingly light, guess its a ghostly affect) and into the ghost's music room. Music, the thing that always brought him back home..let's hope this works....


In the music room, lay the music player I had asked for. Finally given to me now because I had a good reason. I turned it on and immediately, a song played...the song Liam was playing. It's coming back to me now too! It was 'Loved You First'. It was the last song he sang on tour before the whole incident. I looked at him, hoping he would have the reaction I did...but nope, nothing. I let out a sigh and found the One Direction album I got for my 6 month anniversary up here.

The both of us sat there and talked while listening to Liam's old band. Well, I talked mostly. He still doesn't remember anything and it's been 6 hours already. Why can't this boy remember anything!! Grrrr.

"Liam, I have to get something that might help, so I'll be right back!" he smiled and blew me a kiss. That was a lie. I had to go to the Spirits for help...or at least a longer date. Grrrr.

Once again, I burst into the door. Really no need to though, the door isn't even really there. Oh well.

"Spirits!! I need help!"

"This is the second time you've been here in a week, this is most certainly not you. What is it you need help with?"


They all started giggling. What is with these things and not taking me serious? I know I'm the youngest being, but take me seriously every once in a while.

"Oh, Liam, such a smart child. For a smart child, he should remember when and how he died by now. Maybe shortening the date will help. How's tomorrow sound child?" My jaw dropped to the ground. I wanted a longer date! This is 6 days less than I hoped!! Ok, no arguing with the spirits or else they will send me down the Drop of Black Magic. My older brother, yes, my older brother, passed away and the Spirits told me he is now there due to the fact he tried to cut himself. Poor lad, even as a ghost he suffered from depression.

"Ok, thank you Spirits." I bowed down for their help and left the room awkwardly back to Liam....

"Hello love, find what you were needing?"

"Um...not exactly Liam...that's what I had to tell you. Ehr......the Spirits say you have until tomorrow to remember or else you'll be sunken into the River..."

"Oh love, it's alright, I know we'll find a way." He got up from his position on the ground and gave me a kiss on the top of the head.....

How was he so cool about this?...we aren't even close to finding his true self and he's not afraid of the River either? Ok, I can see why he doesn't remember anything now. Grrrrrr.

"Liam, are you sure you're ok with this? We still have a lot of work to do, and..." I looked at my watch in panic.....oh shoot...."We only have 3 hours until it's tomorrow Liam. If we don't get this right, you are seriously dead...and you're a ghost..." he went back over to his spot, stood there for awhile, stared at me with is milk-chocolate colored eyes and laughed. He chuckled his illusive laugh and just plummeted back onto the floor.

"Love, you worry too much! It's all fine. I'm as worried as you are, but if I'm really not gonna get my train of thought back, I might as well spend my last moments having a good time." Oh, this boy has always been a good philosopher but this was certainly something .

I gave him the look, as in asking if he was being serious. He just laughed again. "Oh love, you're overlooking so many things. Now, come over here and let's continue our chat about that girl you were telling me about." I shrugged my now mysteriously aching shoulders...must be from all the pressure he put on them.... Ok, I give up, he can have what he wants. I give up. I took the seat next to him. Sighhh....

"Ok Liam, more about her. So, um....where were we?"

"Oh, you were telling me about how we met." Grrr....the day she met him. I blame my fangirling...

"Ah, yes...the day you two met. Ok, so, I was failing my biology class, and my parents thought I should get a tutor. Sadly, they didn't know you were coming to teach me how to play guiatar like you usually do every Wednesday. So she came, she was pretty, blah blah blah, stayed for dinner, blah blah blah, she asked you out, blah blah blah, you two started dating, blah blah blah. She started hating me, blah blah blah, thought I was taking you away, blah blah blah, you were engaged to her after 3 years, blah blah blah, she's a slut, blah blah blah, you two are still engaged, blah blah blah, you died, blah blah blah, and now she's going out with this rocker guy, blah blah blah...." Yeah, bish bash boom, that's really how little I care about her. He sat there looking at me oddly.

He scratched his head..."What's a Wednesday?"

REALLY!!! I WENT ON WITH ALL THAT!!! My inner animal was about to break out...ok breathe..breathe.....Ok, I'm good.

"Liam, just like how we have Gerple, Derple, Neema and Monder for every luna and fire that passes? Well, back in Earth, the fire was called a sun, and a luna was called a moon. Everytime each passed they have days like how we have Merps. Except, their merps are called Monday, Tuesday, WEDNESDAY,Thursday and Friday."

"Ohhh, haha, Earth has some pretty weird names. I'm amazed I can't remember any of these goofy words." he smiled cheekily and started goodness...I love this boy, but I seriously do not have the correct amount of tolerance to stand his slowness....."Love, what was this girl's name?" he seemed all innocent now, his eyes now an angelic white.

"Her name is Malia, you loved her very much but..."

"But she didn't love me the way you did...."

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