Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


4. Meaning behind the message

In the message, you'd think I'd been talking about a crush or a boyfriend or something, wouldn't you? Well, I wasn't. He knows exactly who he is though. I lied when I said no one has ever touched my phone. He was the one who found me. Found my phone. Found my dead body along the street. He was the one who carried me to the hospital. He didn't cry though. He saw it coming. He knew how suicidal and crazy I was. I always told him about my interest in death. He found it crazy and amusing at the same time. He was the one who prevented me from dying so many times. Guess the world didn't want me here though. I mean, if they did, wouldn't I still be alive with a bunch of people who hate me? Well actually, he didn't hate me. He was my mentor. My guide. Without him, I wouldn't have made it as far as I did. I was mad at him at the time though. For betraying my trust. For telling the evil ones my secret. I never haunt him though. I loved him. Like Colton Dixon's song, You Are,


'If I had no voice,
If I had no tongue,
I would dance for You like the rising sun.
And when that day comes and I see Your face.
I will shout Your endless glorious praise.'


These lyrics were so meaningful to the both of us. The problem is, I'm not there anymore. We made a promise with this song. I broke that promise after I died. I was gonna send him the message before I was hit, but he still found it anyways. He read the message in my phone, thinking I would've left a suicidal note, but found that instead. He didn't realize it was him I was speaking of though. He left my phone there. As a memorial. He would greet the phone everyday. He has chosen not to forget about me even though I choose to forget about him. He was the reason for the drama, why remember?

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