Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


17. I Need You

Liam's POV

I felt so bad for her. She was so young, yet so much has happend to her. All she wants to do is protect me, but for some reason the Spirits are just so hard on her. I couldn't blame her for this though. If I did, she would hate me. She's already been through so much. Maybe if I never came up here and just died in hell, she wouldn't be suffering. I hate myself so much. I'm glad the Spirits took away my sight so I don't have to look at myself.

I know that Lottie is 6 years younger than I am and it would be illegal in the real world, but it's not here. I wish the Spirits wouldn't consequence us for our love. At least, I think she loves me. I know she says she does, but I feel like she's only saying that.

Look at her in my arms, so small and gentle. Fragile, practically broken. If I had my eyes, I would ask the Spirits to bring me to the River of Blood right now. I'm sick of her in all this pain. Except, me leaving may cause he even more pain. I'm so stupid. As I thought, I gripped onto her tighter.

As I saw her dark, pale eyes, flutter open, I made it look like I was asleep. She began speaking. It's so cute how she spoke to herself like that. Like a little military combat leader she was. What was she talking about though? Me being a demi god? That's nonsense. I understand that she's not dead, but I know I killed myself. I know I lost all that blood. How am I a demigod? I'm not strong enough or smart enough to be a god.


Lottie's POV

Liam kept fidgiting. I wish he would release me. I have duties to attend. If I want to keep both of us alive, then he needs to release.


"Liam, Liam, please wake up, I have to go." I pet his face, hoping he would wake up, but I wouldn't really notice cause you know, his eyes...


"No Lottie, please don't leave me. I need you here."


"Liam, aw, that's cute, but I'm not leaving forever. I will, probably leave forever if you don't release me."


"Sorry love, I just don't want to lose you."


"It's fine Liam, you will never lose me. I'll always be here. Now, I'll be right back, I have to get somethings, stay right here."


"Okay love."


I pecked him on the cheek and rushed into my room. Honestly, how did I get so lucky to have a best friend like Li?


...After spending a quick moment in my room gathering a few notebooks and my phone, I walked out to see Liam gone. Ughhh, I told him to stay! Where would he go anyways! I know I shouldn't tell him to stay like a puppy dog, but he's just so darn cute like a puppy itself...ughh.

"Liam? Liiaaammm?!?! Where are you?!?" I called repeatedly. Still no answer though. Seriously, where could this boy have gone?


I went back over to the recent spot to place the books on the names and types of gods there were. I traveled back to Liam's part of the Cloud's area, hoping he would be in his now dark clouded cell. He was named Spirit/Ghost of the Month just about a week ago, but now because of me, he was the most hated ghost in the area.


Why did the Spirits need me so much though? Actually, I'm just too tired of this. I ran over to the Spirit's guide office to protest, but I heard Liam's voice.


"Please Spirit! I've caused her so much trouble, please! Just send me back to Earth. Make my life a living hell, I don't care. As long as she's at peace I don't care. Right now, if she's sad, then I'm already in hell."


"We cannot do that child. We sent you here for a reason. Not only are you a demi-god, but you are also her motivation. As long as we threaten to punish you, she will continue to work for us. If you never showed up, she would be lolly-gagging all over the place, ruining our plans to take over the world." Liam was now on his knees. I've never seen something as sad as this.


"Please, just take me. I can't be here." he said, kneeling closer and closer to the Spirits throne.


"Well, if that is what you wish." he had said with a smirk. With the snap of his fingers the ground split open.


Liam's POV


I know Lottie told me to stay, but right now, her life is hell. The Spirits keep picking at her and I can't stand it. I decided to go into the office to make a deal....


....On the inside I was filled with joy, but terrified of what was down there. At the moment, I heard another snap, and saw everything clearly again.


"If you're gonna want to go to hell, might as well let you see what's down there."


"Th- thank you sir." I slowly looked over the crack in the ground.


"LIAM STOP!" I heard Lottie scream.

She began running over towards me, but without taking a second thought, she grabbed onto me, and I leapt into the crack, with her gripping onto my shirt.

I heard the scream of the Spirit behind, calling for Lottie. There was no way I was gonna let him take advantage of her.


"Liam! What are you doing!" she shouted at me.


"Lottie, I'm sorry. He told me he was gonna kill you either way. I'm trying to help you. Please just listen." I said as the both of us come crashing onto the fire pit- covered ground.


"Ah, so we meet again. Nice to see ya Charlotte, Liam."



***Ok, sorry I haven't updated this in a while and sorry it's so short and crappy! I've been studying, testing and exam-ing!!! And, I don't know how to write this anymore! Like, major writers block!!! I'll try to update this more though!! Please leave comments on ideas, thoughts and critiques! Please like and fav the story if you like it! I fan back if you ask as well! Love y'alls! ~ Lanna xx***

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