Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


20. Evil Screams

Lottie's POV 


I woke up to the sound of evil laughter. Hoping to have woken up to Liam, the warm, tattooed engraved arm of his wrapped around me like I had hoped for, wasn't there. I rubbed my groggy eyes as the laughing went dim. My head still remained placed on the floor, my left arm over my head, right on my face like it had been before. My left ear, placed right on the ground, could feel the vibrations of someone, or shall I say something, walking over to me. 


"It's nice to have you back after those pleasurable 8 minutes," I could hear one of the Spirits say. I saw Liam's arm reach out, offering to help me up and grabbed it immediately.

Touching his hands though, I could feel it wasn't him. It was a negative surge rushing to me, not like those mystical ones I always received when Liam hugged me. 

Finally being able to get back on my feet again without feeling a rush of fire on them, I looked at Liam. Everything was the same, everything but his eyes. His eyes were different again. The brown now looked black. It was as if he had gone blind again, except     with a deeper shade of black if that was even possible. 


"L-Liam, what happend to you?" I asked, scared of the answer. 

"Foolish girl. Anyone can obviously see that this isn't Liam." 


It was like I had lived through this moment millions and millions of times already, which I probably have. Squinting, I looked into the eyes of whatever form of Liam that was and noticed that there weren't even any eyes in that head of his. Just a giant black portal to no where.

"Let's just say, Liam works for me now. The child was simply getting too powerful. We did this for his own good. He was a good child. We didn't need you contaminating him. Now Liam, could you send Charlotte off to her cell?" 


It was like the voice's Spirit was a button or some sort of trigger to his actions. Lifting me off the ground roughly, I was soon over his shoulders, pleaing for him to put me down. Nothing made sense anymore. Too powerful? What? Liam hated power, sure he was starting to stand up for himself, but that isn't power. And where's the real Liam if this one isn't him?


Liam's POV


I felt the mirror vibrate and a form of light burst from it. The light faded away, but before it did, it released a shriek. 

"Charlotte," I figured. Hearing the screaming get louder and louder, I screamed out her name. 

The screaming seemed to have effect on the mirror, but only made it more cracked. Soon enough, all the pieces of the mirror were out of the frame and scattered across the floor. The screaming reached a climax as I shouted her name a final time and collapsed. 

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