Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


25. Dreaming

Charlotte's POV


I woke up with a thud. Had that whole thing really had been a dream? The end seemed so life like though. With Liam jumping into the depths of the underworld. Char becoming me. The Spirit sucking my soul away. 


I could feel the goosebumps on my arm. Across the room, was Liam. Or at least I think it was. He had surrendered himself for me in the dream. 


I turned the sleeping figure around. His eyes were pieced with darkness. Weird rituals opened from his mouth, making it impossible for me to detect whether or not I was dreaming. Glass on the floor, blood slaughtered on the door.


This was Liam. But it wasn't Liam. 

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