Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


24. Burn with Passion

Lottie's POV 


I looked down to see Jameson's arm turning a devilish red. From pale, to red, the color change would begin to burn me. 


I still don't think Liam understood what would happen, which only means that I'll be burned to ashes soon, I could already smell the burning flesh, as I watched my dirty blonde hair to the ground in pieces.  With the open hand that wasn't squeezed tight by James, I felt my head. It felt like how it normally was. All my hair wasn't burned off. I couldp icture myself with a bob-like hairstyle now, considering how short it was. Trying to scream out to Liam for help, I stared at him, hoping he would see what I was trying to say. I needed him to calm down. 


"There, there Charlotte. Your hair will be in good use. We'll use it for the second you. If pushing the both of you down with Death doesn't make you two evil, then we'll just need to dissolve the both of you.. But not before we get Charlotte's double. 


My hair slowly faded off the ground as James turned me away from Liam and towards the Spirit. In the chair next to him, was me. She laughed evily with her voice that was similar to the Queen of Hearts. She held a burning staff in her hand. 


"Come Liam. You can make this easy. You can come with me and we'll destroy James and Charlotte, or we'll kill the both of you while James, Char and I take over the mortal world. If you haven't noticed, everyone in the Clouds are evil now. We've taken control of everyone's minds. Charlotte is stubborn, but was meant to rule, while you, having a Demi-god like you rule. Who knows what possibilities are in store?"


Liam still didn't speak a word. I guess he did know what I meant. 


I could feel James' grip loosen. It was loose enough that I could slip out and run towards Liam. 

"I'm so sorry Charlotte,"

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