Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


19. Back to No Where

Liam's POV


I was completely pissed at this guy. I have no clue why Lottie has so much against him, but it seems like he hurt her and there's no way he was getting away with it. Lottie obviously knows way more than I do though, so I better be careful.


"Liam,stop what are you doing?"


"Charlotte, I'm not a child, I can do what I want."


"Liam we're a team, I'm not letting you stay here."


Both of our heads turned midconversation as I heard clapping. Grimm, of course.


"It's so cute how you're arguing with a nine year old. All this negative energy just gives me so much power." he chuckled, rubbing his hands together, like all evil villians do. As his hands rubbed together, another small fire started as if his hands were two pieces of wood, used to make an outdoor fire place.


He took the fire in his hands and shot the both of us with it. We just didn't turn into the ashes I thought we'd be.


I found myslef on the ground. I shook my head to find my self in a familiar area, but I wasn't clutching onto Lotte like I had been earlier. I stood up, walking around to realize I was back on Earth. I was hoping to find Lottie by texting her with the phone but all I got for a reply was 'Haha, check your bed child."


I did as I was told and flipped over all the sheets, duvet, and even the matress itself, only to find nothing. After trashing my bed, I heard footsteps from out the door and quickly slipped under my bed to hide. The door opened. I heard the footsteps move across the messy room and then leave. I struggled getting out from under the bed, feeling as if something was wedged between me and the floor. To my knowledge, I felt my stomach bleeding as something stabbed its way there. I rolled over so the pressure would be put on my back and slipped out that way.

It was a mirror. I broken mirror with a note on it.

'A broken mirror is what you see, but underneath is a bigger mystery.'



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