Fangirl: The Story Of After

Dies from fangirling and can't be brought back, even after the struggles of the Spirits.


5. A New Message




The word that is within our environment,  or shall I say your environment. Even though the spirits don’t let me haunt, I do it anyway. Haunting is the only way I can hear the drama. Serendipity is always knee-deep drama. She just doesn't know it. The drama, the rumors, the lies…just a few of the reasons why Serendipity doesn't have any friends. Seems like I was holding her back though.


It’s been a year since my death. My favorite artists are still growing popular, but are still freaked out by my ghostly ways. For my 1 year anniversary as a ghost, the spirits have gifted me with a ‘cell phone’. I have no clue how to use it, but I have figured out how to re-work Twitter. I am now the first ghost with a Twitter account. Yet, no one knows. I want to say I am so badly, but then people would call me crazy and also….the spirits won’t let me. The spirits are a bunch of 'prissies'. They don’t let me do anything. Just like my old parents in your world. I still don’t have any freedom. Freedom is the gift when you turn into a spirit, which is like a 1000 year old ghost, only 999 more years to go.


I’ve never lost my fan girl ways. I still stalk them on Twitter, following all the accounts with the big info, what am I talking about? I am one of the big accounts. I practically follow them everywhere…literally, I can do that. 


So ‘he’, the sweetheart, has graduated early. The sweet thing is, he refused to go to college. He wanted to stay here where my heart still is, my heart, a.k.a my phone. He won’t touch it or take it with him. He leaves it there, and still visits it, even after such a long time. He keeps it there. I followed him into his room once, where he speaks of his secrets. I burst into tears once. Talking about how he misses me and how he could've done more to save me, but it turns out this is only so because he is the one who killed me.

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