Falling In Love With The Enemy

Alexandra might seem like a normal 15 year old girl studying for her GCSEs. But in fact, she is a secret agent, working with M.I.9. When she is sent out to chase down and capture a 18 year old genius, she realized something; When you're feeling love, you can't stop the butterflies in your tummy.


3. Captured The Irish Guy

Heart beating faster by the second, feet pounding against the path; Alexandra ran and ran down the path, dodging people passing by. She had caught sight of Johnny just five minutes after she left the base. Johnny had brown spiked hair and tanned skin, with bright blue eyes, and he was running faster and faster, getting further and further away from Alexandra. Alexandra kept running even though her legs ached and she had ran approximately 30 miles without stopping. Her legs ached like hell, but she knew Johnny was dangerous and she had to stop him, no matter what. Alexandra had sharp pains in her abdomen but she just flicked her hair out of the way and ran. She could tell that Johnny was running out of energy and she was too. Johnny finally started to slow down, He came to a halt, panting heavily. Alexandra stopped too, grabbing Johnny's wrists when she could, and she took out a pair of steel handcuffs from her skinny school trousers pocket. She snapped the handcuffs around one of Johnny's wrist, and handcuffed him to the nearest lamp pole, "Hey, I wont hurt you!" Johnny complains. His voice was irish and husky. Alexandra shook her head, "I work for M.I.9 and you're under arrest." Alexandra spoke sharply. Johnny let out a laugh, "Come on, trust me," he began. "I trust no one," Alexandra said, looking over her shoulder. Alexandra fished for her communicator in her pocket, and took it out. "Got him. Can you send a van? We're at the Pudding Lane, London. Yes, I ran all the way from Stevenage. Opposite the McDonalds." she said into her communicator. "What are you doing?" Johnny questioned Alexandra. Alexandra glared at Johnny. "Wait here, I'm getting some chips," Alexandra warned Johnny, then she ran to the McDonalds opposite. She came out ten minutes later, with two large portions of chips. "Here," Alexandra handed Johnny one of the largest portions. Johnny grinned and he ate the chips. Alexandra nibbled at her chips. "Why? Why did you give me chips?" Johnny asks, "Well, we have been running for thirty miles, and we don't want you to faint when the bosses want to question you," Alexandra replies calmly. Johnny rises one eyebrow, "Thanks. I was starving anyway," he says, smiling. Alexandra smiles, "What's your name?" Johnny asks, "Call me Agent Jones. Alexandra Jones." she said, her mouth full of chips. "So, Alex, do you want to go on a date with me sometimes?" Johnny asks confidently. "No. I'm not allowed," Alexandra replies, frowning. "Aww come on, pleaseeeeeee!" Johnny pleads, "No!" Alexandra protested. The van arrives, and Alexandra releases Johnny from the handcuffs, "Follow me," Alexandra said sternly. Johnny followed her into the van, and Alexandra shut the van's doors. The van's engines made a loud noise before setting off back to base. 


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