Falling In Love With The Enemy

Alexandra might seem like a normal 15 year old girl studying for her GCSEs. But in fact, she is a secret agent, working with M.I.9. When she is sent out to chase down and capture a 18 year old genius, she realized something; When you're feeling love, you can't stop the butterflies in your tummy.


2. Being Called

"And that's how you get rocks," Mr Marcila, the science teacher told the year eleven class. "Excuse me sir, but can I go to the toilet?" Alexandra asked, hearing a quiet wiring sound, and Mr Marcila nodded once, to gesture for Alexandra to go. Alexandra stood up and she went out of the classroom. She opened her school bag and she took out her phone; it's screen flashing a scary shade of red. "God, why can't it be flashing green?!" Alexandra muttered angrily to herself. She went outside, into the rain. Alexandra ran around to the back of the school and she entered into an abandoned little shed far out on the field. "Why can't our base be under the school, not far out on the school field!" she complained, her naturally curly dirty blonde hair dripping water. "We found the two agents that are working for W.E.G.O.E.P (World's Evilest Gang of Evil People)" Tom, a senior agent who looks after Alexandra and two other agents, said excitedly. "Where is Josh?" the computer expert; Greg asked. Alexandra shrugs. "Sorry I'm late!" Josh ran into the basement, panting slightly, "Why didn't you come straight away?" Tom asked. "You think I would want my hair to get wet?" Josh said sarstically, flipping his chocolate brown wet hair out of his eyes. "Josh, catch this guy, called Carl, he's heading for the London Tube. And Alexandra, catch this other guy called Johnny, he's heading to the BBC studios," Greg ordered Josh and Alexandra, showing them the photos of Carl and Johnny. Alexandra and Josh took in the sight, and they nodded at each other. Josh turned around and he went off running out of the shed. Alexandra took her blazer off, then her tie, and off she went, running after Josh. What Alexandra didn't realise was there were something waiting for her once she had captured Johnny. 

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