His Barefoot Cinderella (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Analee is a 17 year old average teenager who lives in West Lane, Baildon, Bradford, UK with her mom and Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
England, United Kingdom with her dad. Growing up, Analee has befriended both Zayn Malik and Harry Styles and neither one know's about each other. What happens when the boys go to X-Factor, make it through and become the world's greatest boy-band since the Beetles? Read on to find out more!


2. Seeing you again

Mum: Analee Diana Perez let's go. I'm not going to be late for work at the airport again & your dad will be here any moment now.

Analee: Um just a second mum pretty please! I love you.

Analee's mum's patience was running thin but she loved how her daughter was so much like her.

Mum: Joseph should be here any minute, you dad says he has some major news for you & Katherine. Oh before I go, have you spoken to Zayn or Harry since they've become big mega-stars? Or um nevermind sweetie, just give me a kiss.

Analee came down wearing a cropped UK t-shirt, cream skinny jeans & black bootie heels. Her hair is a long brown hair and kissed tan skin by the sun. She hugged her mum and heard the door bell ring. Katherine ran down the stairs and screamed,"I GOT IT! ITS PA!" Analee and her mum just giggled and smiled.

Katherine: Pa! I missed you so much!

Joseph: Oh well maybe I could fix that with a little talk with your mum. Hey Banana, Genesis (her mum)

Genesis: That would be discussed after work, which I'm about to be late for so Katherine your going with your father. Analee will stay here for her gift's to come and baby sit luna (their chow-chow)

Genesis walked down the driveway and got into her car, waving at her family and pulled out. Katherine grabbed her coat and jumped into her dad's range-rover. Analee looked at her dad confused and he smiled.

Analee: Dad, what is mum talking all this rubbish about? Seriously you know I don't want anything but them back correct? I'm going to feed Luna. Have a great weekend dad, love you

Joseph: Wow well I hope you like it! Like your mum said she and I have a special surpriset coming to the house at noon so be all your beautiful self and call me when the packages arrive. I want to know if you'll like them. Love you too.

She walked out of the doorway leaving her dad smiling, what a weird world this was, where your dad  actually tries to help mend a broken heat, she heard the door bell ring and a boy shout. "Lee Lee Open your door!" then she heard the door bell ring in a familiar pattern, she thought for a quick second,'Is it really him? It can't be? He's not suppose to be back for a week..' Analee was in disbelief when she opened the front door finding Zayn Malik, her childhood best friend, at her door step. He was smiling that smile that made her blush.

Zayn: Hi I'm Zayn Malik, and I looking for my best friend Anabanana? She's the most beauiful and supportive best girl friend in the entire UK/world. Have you seen her around?

Loren tearing up: Um I-I think she's around here somewhere.

She reached out crying and hugging Zayn tight while he held her and rubbed her back. He tried to softly coo her and make her stop but she let him in and they sat on the couch.

Analee: How!? When?! For how long?!

Zayn: Shhhh. Our first tour starts here and my mum told you dad. We got in earlier this morning and I think about a month vacation and another month of touring.

Analee sniffling: That's wonderful news. I see you and the lads are smitten, and I have to tell you something

Zayn: Speaking of the lads, Harry and Liam are coming over soon! Can't wait for you too meet them. Oh really? What it is LeeLee?

Analee: Well I actually already know Harry. My dad lives where he used to and I met him when I would visit my dad.

Zayn: Oh so why haven't you told me and thats great that you know one lad already.


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