His Barefoot Cinderella (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Analee is a 17 year old average teenager who lives in West Lane, Baildon, Bradford, UK with her mom and Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
England, United Kingdom with her dad. Growing up, Analee has befriended both Zayn Malik and Harry Styles and neither one know's about each other. What happens when the boys go to X-Factor, make it through and become the world's greatest boy-band since the Beetles? Read on to find out more!


1. Analee's Prologue

Analee Perez had a rough life. When she was three her father and her mother got a divorce. If that wasn't bad enough, when she was four she and her sister Katherine, had to deal with not having their little family anymore. She ended up being bounced from her mom's home to her dad's every weekend, but this was sort of a blessing to Analee. The divorce had led her to meet her boy next door, Zayn Malik and her other boy next door Harry Styles . Loren was used to being back and forth, she had been doing everything for herself since she was able to. Loren used her guitar to write music, whenever she could she would scribble down a song, on a napkin, or a piece of paper, whatever she could find. She hated her family in two separate home's. Somehow Zayn and Harry knew when she was hurting whenever they'd hang with Analee. When she was 16, Zayn and Harry decided to join X-Factor and try to make it big like they had dreamed, but it was also Ana's secret passion. When she went to both of the boy's live audition, she couldn't have been more proud when they both made it through. But now that they were formed into a boy band and are touring, she's now more nervous to see both of them.

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