my love for... you?

hi this is one of my first movella stories so plz no hate
its about me n my two best friends stephine and jalisia i won a privite cocert with the boys(harry,liam,louis,zayn,niall) two of the boys falls *dont wanna say who* in love with me but i dont know who to choose my friends r there for me all the way but what if i get hurt or... i dont want to give away everything thnx for reading my book n again srry its a first.


5. wanna go out....

harry p.o.v

wow the way she just looks at me it drives me crazy. i just had to keep winking at her every time i sang or did anything. but no she just had to keep looking at niall n me i mean come on niall do u think tht winking at here is goin to work. wait no. i did tht. wait but it always works with me n when i do tht. not him but wait. if niall does it people will just fall head over heels for him. damn. i need to find a new way to win her over to me.but we n niall have been friends for so long already i dont want to hurt him so ill take it very slow. heheheh.

nialls p.o.v

wow the way she blushes when i winked at her tht just made me go crazy. wait what if she wasnt blushing for me b/c when i turn over i see tht damn harry winking at her. if he thinks thts guna work he has somthin else coming to him. wait but it always works with him the girl always goes to harry even when i try but no now not ever this girl is mine forever n always. but me n harry have been bestfriends way before we meet this girl so ima take it slow n make him not notice it. hahahahahah.

cyaras p.o.v

omg is niall coming up to me omg is tht harry coming up to me too this must be the best day of my life.

"hi cyara" they both said then looked at each other in shock.

"uhhhh hi guys" i said

harry p.o.v

i cant believe hes here right now when ima bout to ask her out n alll she could say was hi i think shes nervous she looks so cute wiv tht beautiful smile on.

niall p.o.v

i cant believe this guy my bestfriend is here right next to me saying hi to her when ima bout to ask her out he has to be kidding. i think shes nervous or somthing b/c she just got pale, i hope he doesnt say what i think hes goin to say.

cyaras p.o.v

k they have quite for some time now i think i need to say somthing.

"uhhh hi guys do u need anything from me" i said

"uhhh yes srry i need to talk to u for a second plz" niall said

"well i think what i need to say is more inportant then what u have to say niall srry to say" harry said with a rude voice

"ok ok ok boys we dont want to have a fight her now do we" louis said, omg thnx the lord he saved me from somthing i dont want ot get into.

"LOUIS i think i need to talk to u for a moment" i said

"umm ok" was all he could say

we walk over into the kichen.....

"k i need u to be truthful wiv me now louis" i said

"anything for u love" he said

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THEM"i said i had to scream i was freaking out

"calm down love n i really dont want to tell u" was all tht he could say

ok now i was getting mad i have two of the boys from one direction winking at me n wanting to tell me somthing n my friends too it looked like they were hiding somthing too.

"louis u need to tell me plz i really need to know"i said

he sighed n started to talk....

"k so harry n niall both like u n they wan ted to ask u out but there in this big fight now b/c they dont know if u will say yes to the other one so they wan tto get to u first by winking at u n makein u blush but as u see tht didnt work so they want to ask u out but htey both got to u befor one of them could n thts all i know so far" he said in a hurry i just stood there shocked not wanting to say a word and just run outsid to get my head strait. wait thts wat i will do i will walk out n get myself together.

"love u ok" louis said all i did was run away n went outside

"wait cyara" jay said

"cece r u ok wait for us CECE" steph said i just had to get out right now.

steph p.o.v

ok so all i see was cyara running to the door n me n jay running after her i see louis wanting to stop her but he didnt i onder what he said to her.

we r finally caugh up to her outside shes sitting on her steps to the house

"hey cece wats wrong"i said


wow when shes like this shes eaither really upset or cant think strait.

"its ok what happend to u" jay said

"louis told me verything is tht y u guys were acting weird im happy tht u guys didnt tell me i dont want anything to happen to there friends ship n im ruining it for them n i just met them" she said k now im annoyed

"im goin to fix it all right now give me a min" i said i reallt cant see her like this

"NOOOO STEPH i cant take care of it myself"she said

she walks away n up to niall n harry i really cant hear wat there saying but it looks like shes guna cry.

cyaras p.o.v

i need to talk to them so i walked up to them n started to talk

"hey guy i need to say somthing" i said

"no i need to tell u somthing i really likeu n i want ot go out wiv u n so does niall so if u pick him i would be ok with tht" harry said

"n i will to if u date harry i will take it to inconsideraction n deal wiv it"niall said i felt like i was goin to cry b/c i wanted to date both of them but i have to date one so ill choose...

hey guys srry for the wait im really bust all week n stuff so once again thnx for reading this book  n if u have any ideas at all them i will read them n see what i can do just contact me on

kik: ciara_love10


instagram: nikki_love100

thnx again bye update when i can :)





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