my love for... you?

hi this is one of my first movella stories so plz no hate
its about me n my two best friends stephine and jalisia i won a privite cocert with the boys(harry,liam,louis,zayn,niall) two of the boys falls *dont wanna say who* in love with me but i dont know who to choose my friends r there for me all the way but what if i get hurt or... i dont want to give away everything thnx for reading my book n again srry its a first.


3. the boys...

cyaras p.o.v.

omg omg today is the day i meet the boys i really dont think of them as one direction, there just 1D, the boys, or just liam, harry,zayn,niall,louis (random order). jay is the best with picking out what to wear.k this will sound crazy but i always though tht i would meet them n then at least one of the boys  will fall in love with me... crazy i know or i could be just really good friends with them... tht really crazy. i DONT have a favorite n if i could ever date one of them then idk who it would be but me n niall would be food buddies... lol tht just came into my head n  me n louis would be best friends. i love him with elenor she looks so nice n pretty she looks like she can also just open up to u n help u wiv anything tht ur having a hard time with. i love zayn n perrie together i think shes nice n pretty so yh they should get married too.

steph p.o.v

 damn today is the day i have go to tht stupid one direction concert. k i have to say this but i do love niall from one direction but other then him i dont like there songs other then what makes you beautiful n the other boys i just dont like idk y they just bother me when niall hes cute,irish,loves everybody tht he meets n looks really like a nice guy. thiugh i would never date him hes not really my type, i go for bad boys just not zayn. a normal guy would do just fine for me i dont like my buessnises all out in the open if i ever date a famous guy. cyara is my bestfriend like we've been friends ever since we were like 3 years old but damn she annoys the hel out of me when she talks about one direction i juat hate it so much tht i just walk away.

jay p.o.v

taday is the day i cant wait till i see them i mean i just zayn love zayn malik. hes a badboy, n omfg tht deep brithish accent it drives me crazy. im tht kind of person who would just fall for the perfet guy. but what sucks is tht hes wiv tht damn perrie edwards. i mean i kinda like her in little mix i love the song d.n.a but thts all. but if hes happy then i have to be happy for him too.

a few hours later...... (only doing cyaras p.o.v n the boys p.o.v)

cyara p.o.v

omg i cant belive there here in my house looking at me n my two besties. omg if i pass out tht would just be horribal i would be so embaressed.omg is tht harry coming up to me. plz plz plz cyara do not go all fan girl on him he wouldnt like it at all.

"hi im harry" he said

"ummm i think i know tht already" omg was tht to mean or was it corny.

"lol i think you do but the boys will like to know wat song would u like us to sing" he said to me

"umm it doesnt matter acually i really dont care" shit was i being the whatever person ok i really need to calm down a bit

"kool i like a girl tht doesnt matter wat we do or haow we do it" winks at me

omfg did harry styles just wink at me why does he always do tth to a girl he first meet... no thts crazy he probely just did tht to idk but whatever i have the boys in my house.

harry p.o.v

'boys is tht the girl tht won our tickits" i said

"yh y harry" they all said

"idk shes just really pretty" i said

"oooooooooo harry has a little crush" louis said

"shut up i dont i just think tht shes pretty" i said

"good b/c i like her" niall said

god he always has to like the person i like good thing in the end i get them but i always feel bad for him but this one is diffrent i really like her.

"whatever niall i said tht shes cute thts all realx" tht was all i could say

so all i did was walk away to go talk to her she seems really nice i like whatever girls shes was really calm usally when were this close to a girl they start to fan girl which i reallt hate but she didnt do tht wow shes really making my heart go crazy.

nialls p.o.v

i hate it when  harry like the same girl tht i like he gets everyone of them then he has the ordasity to say tht he thinks she scute he always says tht to every girl he sees n then ends up dateing them.but not this time , this time tht girl is goin to be mine no matter what i have to go through, just looking at her makes me go crazy.

louis p.o.v

she looks nice n harrys right she is pretty she look like she has a little sass in her wich is why we r goin to meet up again i just know tht we r goin to be best friends.

im just really worried about niall n harry they could get really crazy when it comes to a girl but i get really sad when harry gets all the girls i mean come on harry ur just goin to sleep wiv them then brake up wiv them but not this one i saw how he looked at her it looks like theres goin to be a big fight over her.

n niall hes just so loveable tht the girls he date gets tired of it n breakes up wiv him then hes just left in the showdows wiv no one but u gotta say nial is not a badboy or the one to do things crazy for a girl hes just normal. wich i hope a girl wil see in him one day.

this took me a long time to write so srry guys everything tht i say in here bout there girlfriends r so true the next ch. will be them playing n then a big suprise at the end so plz keep readying n thnx

oh forgot to tell u im 19 n yes i have to beg my rich parents to buy me one direction tickets but they dont so whatever n i have my own house so thts were there playing at thnx again



























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