my love for... you?

hi this is one of my first movella stories so plz no hate
its about me n my two best friends stephine and jalisia i won a privite cocert with the boys(harry,liam,louis,zayn,niall) two of the boys falls *dont wanna say who* in love with me but i dont know who to choose my friends r there for me all the way but what if i get hurt or... i dont want to give away everything thnx for reading my book n again srry its a first.


12. talk pt2


omg ive been waiting in this park for about 10min already. i also had to lie to niall saying tht i had to go get somthing in the store he said tht he wanted to come but i lied again saying tht i was fine and tht i had my u know what. i felt so bad b/c he looked sad when i said no but i cant think of tht now i had to "talk" to harry for whatever reason. geez he takes long and its getting cold out ugh im going to leave.

M: harry were r u im about to leave im frezzing

H:im coming now luv just wait another few seconds plz :)

M: hurry!!!!

as soon as i was about to send tht i see a curly haird boy with roses in his hand and a smirk on his face right in front of me. god was he cute i luv those dimples they make me want to squez them. wait no what am i thinking im with niall hes the one i said yes to. STOP cyara u need to stop thinking about harry when u have niall.

"um i got these for u"

"thnx there beautiful harry thank you"

"anything for you" he said but in a wisper thinking tht i didnt hear tht

"um ok what did u need to talk to me about tht was sooo inportant"

"i wanted to win u back from niall" he said in a low tone

ok i gotta say i was alittleshocked tht he said tht i thought he was going to say sorry for being rude at the dinner or something but no right he has to say this .

"um i choose niall not u harry and u just have to deal with it ok"

"but i cant deal with it cyara i love u not taylor the manegment told me i had to be with her to get more people to love us."

"yh like im going to beleive tht harry come on y cant u be happy for me and naill"

"b/c i saw u first i liked u first i want u to be mine and only mine''

"i think i need to go before niall starts to worry ill see u on friday harry bye"

"come on cyara y do u have to be like tht i know u like me too i can see it in ur eyes when u look at me"

at tht moment i was kinda mad at him for saying tht i liked him. well yh hes not lieing but i m with niall and he has to deal with tht

"HARRY JUST STOP im with nial and there nothing u can do about it"

"but i know u like me cyara y cant u just say yes to liking me if u say yes i will leave u and niall alone"

"fine u want the truth here it is yes harry i do like u but im with niall and there is nothing u can do about it again happy now just leave

"yes i am at least i know tht u like me see u on friday luv" and with tht he left what did i just get myself into....

harrys p.o.v

when i got into the car i was happy b/c i know tht she likes me so anythime soon she will be running to me but i will feel bad for niall it looks tht he really likes her like i do but still if i want something i will get it no matter what i have to go through.

nialls p.o.v

i know cyara didnt go to the store it wouldnt take tht long but whatever i trust her. oh here she is now

"hey love were did u get the roses from"

"um a fan gave it to me cute right"

"yh it is lets go put it in a voz"

"oh yh thnx niall what will i do whithout u"

"haha y where were u goin to put it"

"oh i wasnt going to put it in notheing i was just going to leave it somewere but tht would be rude so i guess ill go put it in the voz now"

"yh ill go with u"

a few minutes past watching her put the roses in the voz she looks kinda pale so im going to sak her if shes alright

'hey abae u ok u look kinda pale"

"oh yh im fime i just have a headace tht all'

"ok but just to make sure im calling els to stay with u tommo just in case if when im gone u get sick ok'

"yh thts fine i have to talk to her anyway thtnks love ur the best" and with tht she kissed me on the cheek and went to sleep

well since shes aslepp img goint o call el

N:hey el can u stay with cyara she looks a little sick

E:sure anything for u niall r u ok u sound a little down?

N:um cyar akinda said tht she was goin to the stor but she didnt and when she cxame back she had roses in her hand and she said it was from a fan but i trust her so i kinda beleive her.

E:aww niall it probs was from a fan just dont worry

N:thnx el see u tommo

E:no probs naill were is he now

N:shes sleeping now i better go

E: yh see u tommo niall and dont worry again

N:i wont thnx again el



and i went to bed after tht

hoped u guys liked it i kinda mad it long just to make up for ALL  the missed time but thnx for reading bye




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