my love for... you?

hi this is one of my first movella stories so plz no hate
its about me n my two best friends stephine and jalisia i won a privite cocert with the boys(harry,liam,louis,zayn,niall) two of the boys falls *dont wanna say who* in love with me but i dont know who to choose my friends r there for me all the way but what if i get hurt or... i dont want to give away everything thnx for reading my book n again srry its a first.


1. ch. 1

hi my name is cyara yh i know kinda of a weird name but i like it, i love one direction i would do just about anything to go and see them. my parents say every year tht there going to get me tickets n when tht year comes around they always say "sorry cyara but we cant" i mean come on that is all i ask for. but othere then that i am 5'7 yes i am pretty tall i have brown eyes n dark brown hair. im a really simple child if u ask me. i do great in school. i have a boyfriend his name is josh. hes the best he treats me well n never takes it to far. other then my prevoius boyfriend thts another story i really dont wanna get into it was horriable... but forget about tht for now.

i have two bestfriends there names are steph aka stephine n jay aka jalisia  they are both 19 just like me,they have been there for me very step of they way. oh and steph like niall and jay likes zayn i really dont know y they have favrites b/c i dont i love all of them. they all have a little piece of my heart i never really met them but i hope i do... anyway as u see im a really happy child considering all tht i went through i guess tht i have to be happy to make other people happy. but whatever... b/c im writing this story n i dont care if some people dont like this as long as the otheres read this n like it.

i love writing n drawing im not a good singer or dancer but who cares. i love me for me n so do my family n friends.


hey srry guys i didnt get into the story right away but the next chapter i will srry for the spelling mistakes, if u guys have any ideas for this story contact me on kik, gmail, instagram anything

kik : ciara_love10

instagram: nikki_love100



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