my love for... you?

hi this is one of my first movella stories so plz no hate
its about me n my two best friends stephine and jalisia i won a privite cocert with the boys(harry,liam,louis,zayn,niall) two of the boys falls *dont wanna say who* in love with me but i dont know who to choose my friends r there for me all the way but what if i get hurt or... i dont want to give away everything thnx for reading my book n again srry its a first.


9. authors note

hi this is not a chapter but i just wanted to say happy birthday to harry styles i cant believe hes 19!!!!!!!!! like omg our cupcake is growing up to fast :( i just wish he could see this right now but hey its ok if he doesnt lol. i will be updateing laterz maybe ive just been really busy wiv the finals n my family n stuff so im really srry but k i have to go

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