My new Braclet

When Bella's aunt gets her a braclet for her birthday, Bella knows that something wrong. Every time Bella puts the braclet on strange things happen. Then, when she visits a fortune teller, she makes the strangest prediction...


1. The Bracelet

I opened the small felt box and gasped. Inside lay the most beautiful bracelet. A real silver wrist band with a sapphire in the middle.
"Thank you so much, Aunt Mary!" I screamed.
"Oh, you're welcome sweetie." She replied, squeezing me tight.
I slipped the bracelet onto my wrist and felt the cold silver on my wrist. It looked amazing. Then my wrist started to tingle. Suddenly there was about 4 more people in the room. But they were not relieves that I knew. Were they even my relatives? I went over to shake hands with them, but my hand just went straight through theirs. I gasped and pulled the bracelet off. Then the people disappeared. I clutched my chest and took a deep breath. I turned around and my family were staring at me. My mother ushered me out of the room.
" Now Bella, I do not want any of this nonsense on your birthday! What are you playing at?"
" I seen them. When I put on that bracelet these people appeared out of nowhere!" I replied.
"Oh... Your twelve now, it's time to grow up. Now come on and open up he rest of your presents."
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