Wild Rose

Charlotte was abondoned by her mother when she started showing abnormal behavior at the age of three. The reason being: She's a shinigami.

Authors note: I recommend that you watch/Read the kuroshitsuji series (more commonly known as Black Butler) If you don't, I don't think you will understand much of this, as it is a fanfic after all. And for future reference, Shinigami means reaper (grim reaper) in japanese. I am using this term because it corresponds with the actual anime/manga. Oh, and Anime is the stuff you watch, Manga is the comic version.


4. Memories

Charlotte's POV

*Memories start playing*


just a baby

My mother hugging me for the first time after I opened my eyes, love and care directed at my being. She had green eyes as well, so it was only natural for her to think I inherited her eyes. She hugged my infant form warmly, as if she loved me more than anything.


one year old

My father spooning hot porridge in my mouth, while I refused and spat it out.

Mother teaching me to speak, and soon I was talking as much as she was, only my words weren't properly formed.

Learning to walk. My knowledge had already started showing, as I learnt to walk fairly quickly.


two years old


my mother telling me off for spilling my milk.

"sorry" my two year old self was near the brink of tears. "I didn't mean to!" now the youger version of me was crying. I felt like reaching into my memories to comfort the little me as My mother told me off firmly.


mother carrying me up to my room, me screaming as she put me down in the cot. She slapped me across the face and the scream turned into a cry. My father came running up the stairs, and saw the welt left on my cheek.

"Sarena! You need to stop abusing her! She is only a child! Contain your anger!" He yelled at her

"I can't Gerard! She needs to behave! The Phantomhive child is growing well, speaking only when he is asked a question and is quiet and follows orders obidiently!"


Ciel looked at me shocked from across the room, I mirrored his expression as we kept watching my memories play.


three years old


Going to the Phantomhive's residence as a young child. The younger Ciel and I rushing towards eachother to give a clumsy hug, then he fell down. I held out my hand to help him up and he accepted. His parents had laughed in amusement at what had happened, as did my dad, but my mother merely glared at me."this is for you!" the younger Ciel said, giving me a locket. "Really? Thank you!" My younger self said and ran up to my dad to get him to put it on. I returned and we started to play with his toys, untill I started to cry because I accidentally squashed my hand under one of the heavier toys. Ciel had looked concerned and ran up to his parents. "Charlotte got hurt!" He said as he tugged on his fathers sleeve. The older phantomhive earl walked over to me, and looked at my hand, which had a bruise forming. He saw a cut on my palm. He called the previous butler to get a bandage, and a cold wet rag. I was still crying as he wrapped the bandage around my hand and pressed the wet rag to my hand, coling it istantly and numbing the pain.


I looked over at ciel, who had a sad look on his face, I still wore the locket even now, as it was my favorite piece of jewelery. I had only ever opened it once so as my memories continued playing, waiting  for me to resume watching them, I looked inside the little locket, to see a small picture of Ciel and I smiling, and the picture I had put in when I six of me Grell and Madame Red. I walked over to Ciel and hugged him, much to his surprise. "Thank you for the locket, I love it, It's the best present I've ever gotten." I whispered and I turned pink. I pulled back and resumed watching my memories again.


my fourth birthday

My mother and I going shopping one day, and she told me to wait outside. She went inside the dress store, then came out again, but left without calling me. I ran after her but she slapped me "Stupid child! I am leaving without you as you are a burden and I never want to see you again" she snarled and walked away. I had stood there crying until a woman with red hair like mine and a man with brown hair swept into a ponytail had come to look for a dress for the woman to wear at a ball. The man walked up to me, as there was no-body else in the street, and asked me what I was doing alone. The woman in red had proceeded to the store, not realising her butler was not at her side. "M-Mother left me here, she said she never wanted to see me again!" The wail grew louder as My three year old self remembered. The man inspected my face as a bruise had started to form where my mother had slapped me. "Poor child, this bruise doesn't suit you're red hair at all." He sighed unhappily. The woman in red had come out of the store now, and spotted her butler next to my younger self. "Grell, what is wrong with the child? She has a bruise on her left cheek, but she is dressed so well! She couldn't be an orphan or the sibling of a street kid!" the younger me looked at her. "Do you mind if we take the child with us? She has no-where to go, and if all passes well she can pose as your heir." Grell had asked her, the woman smiled at me kindly and nodded. Grell had picked me up and and carried me towards the carriage. "Do you want her in the carriage or would you prefer her to sit in front with me?" Grell questioned her. "The carriage please, then she will be less likely to fall out." the madame had stated. And Grell placed me in the carriage. He helped the woman in red inside, then climbed on the front. I sat in silence untill the woman in red spoke. "I am Madame red, and you?" My younger self replied quietly "Charlotte Greene." The Madame looked shocked. "My, My. I never thought Sarena would ever stoop so low as to abandon her own daughter. What a shameful woman!" the Madame had stated. She went inside my hand held in hers as we walked through the main hall.


ten years old


"Charlotte, please go to the front with Grell, you know how he frightens the horses." Madame red had laughed as we prepared for a trip to the phantomhive manor. I wished I could run up to Ciel like I had when I was younger, but that was impossible now. I hopped on to the box and straightened my wig. I started directing the horses and we soon arrive up at the manor. Madame Red and Grell were always so nice to me, I was grateful for their kindness. I looked over and Saw a Gardener. I jumped off of the box as Madame Red and Grell both walked into the manor. I walked over to the gardener, who had accidentally beheaded a flower. I tapped on his shoulder and he looked up and saw me. "Hi! My name's Charlotte, what's yours?" I asked him and he smiled. "I'm Finnian, but if you want call me Finny!" he told me, and I smiled. "What's wrong Finny?" I asked as he started to cry. "T-t-the flower! if Sebastian sees it he'll be really mad!" He wailed. I gathered that he was not that good at gardening, and helped him with the other parts of the weed trimming. I returned to the beheaded flower, and looked around. I held the flower head on top of the stem and used my shinigami powers to infuse another soul into the bud, connecting it to the stem once again, making it look like nothing had happened. I saw Grell look out of the window panicking and saw I was in the garden. I Mouthed "Fixing a flower" and smiled widely. Grell smiled back and pulled his head back inside. I finished fixing the flower and smiled. "Finny! Look! I fixed it!" I called to the gardener. He ran over and looked at the flower. "You're almost as good as Sebastian when he fixes the garden!" he laughed and gave me a hug. I hugged him back. What a sweet kid.


a few months later


I was sitting in the garden eating some lunch with Finny. "Charlotte?" yes? I turned around. I saw Finny looking down at the ground crushing a small blade of grass with his fingers. He looked up at me with colour in his face. I decided to give him a hug. "Charlotte... I think I may have grown to like you." he said to me. "You're my friend too, a really good one!" I said, my ten year old self obviously misunderstanding.

I coloured as we watched on, Ciel looking mortified at the thought of his gardener having feelings for me. It was at that moment that the very same gardener decided to clean the window.


"No, I mean like, I think I may have come to have serious feelings for you. You probably don't love me like I love you, which is understandable as I am three years older than you. But... " the Finny in my memories whispered, And kissed the ten year old me on the lips. The wig had been long discarded, and I was sitting in shock, as the gardener pulled back and ran off.


I heard a crash from outside the window. And looked down. I saw Finny at the base of the of the large mansion, and gasped.

"Finny!" I cried out. he lay uncosious at the bottom of the manor. I had disregarded the cinematiec record therefore the film had withdran into my hand, and I ran downstairs.

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