Wild Rose

Charlotte was abondoned by her mother when she started showing abnormal behavior at the age of three. The reason being: She's a shinigami.

Authors note: I recommend that you watch/Read the kuroshitsuji series (more commonly known as Black Butler) If you don't, I don't think you will understand much of this, as it is a fanfic after all. And for future reference, Shinigami means reaper (grim reaper) in japanese. I am using this term because it corresponds with the actual anime/manga. Oh, and Anime is the stuff you watch, Manga is the comic version.


2. Furthest Sorrows

"Charlotte!" I heard Grell call for me in the kitchen. I ignored him and kept having my bath. My red hair was a darker shade now, seeing as the water had drenched it. I finished cleaning my body and got out of the bath, wrapping my towel around me as I rose. I walked into my room and screamed. The demon was in my room, arms folded.

"I suggest you get dressed miss, and head into the dining room." he stated in a harsh tone of voice. I gasped as I realised my wig was on the floor and my contacts still in the bathroom.

"Not while you're in here!" I shrieked at him and threw a shoe at his head. "Stupid Demon!" I muttered as he started laughing at my distress.

"I shall take my leave then" He chuckled and walked out the door, not bothering to shut it behind him. I ran up to the door, Still clutching my towel around my body and slammed the door. I ran to my closet and grabbed one of my other maid's dresses and my undergarments as well. I got dressed quickly. I ran into the bathroom and put in the contacts hastily, and ran into my room again to find yet another visitor, this time it was Grell.

"Quite a scream you have Miss Charlotte!" He said giving me a hug. "Too bad Sebastian saw you in such a state of undress." He laughed as blushed angrily. I grabbed my wig off of the floor and put it on. I grabbed a brush and started to smoothen out the knots. After that was finished I walked into the dining room, glaring at the butler who was standing at the far edge of the room, closest to the other door. His expression mirrored mine as Madame Red told me to listen carefully.

"There's no need for the wig or the contacts anymore, take them off." She ordered me. Both Sebastian (The demon) and Ciel looked surprised as did Grell and I, as I slipped off the wig and took out my contacts. I put in the clear contacts that I usually wore and bowed my head to the Madame.

"Please go change into something more respectable Charlotte, as I am going to need you to look your best." she told me, and I turned around shaking. she's going to sell me to another manor, I'm not going to be able to see Grell or Finny again. I usually visited the Phantomhive Manor with Madame Red and Grell, But I always stayed near the carriage in the courtyard, where I could talk to the gardener, Finny. He was adorable, and really funny.

"Yes Madame." I said as I walked out of the door I eyed Sebastian suspiciously, as if he knew what was going on. I walked into my room, and chose one of the dresses that the Madame had gotten me for Christmas. I changed into it still shaking and walked out and saw Madame Red in her traveling attire. I heard someone whistle and I turned around and glared at Sebastian, who laughed at being caught eyeing my dress. Grell also glared at Sebstian as he heard it as well. I walked towards Madame Red and she pushed back a stray hair on my face as she said she would like me to see something. We walked through the house, and She got into her carriage, inviting me to do the same. Grell got into the box at the front, and urged the horses forward. I saw Ciel get into his carriage, and Sebastion mirror Grell in the sense of getting the horses to move. The carriage stopped as we reached Phantomhive Manor. She walked in confidently, and I trailed be hind her. Ciel and Sebastian leading us inside. I waved at Finny as he stared at me, then realising who I was ran towards me.

"HI CHARLOTTE!" He exclaimed as he hugged me. I laughed and hugged him back. "I like your hair better when you aren't wearing a wig! It's really pretty like Madame Red's!" He laughed as he pulled me into the flower garden. The Madame was in a state of shock, unsure of whether to, blush, yell or act appaled. She blushed as she pulled me towards her, my shoes scuffing along the grass.

"I'm deeply sorry Finnian, as Charlotte needs to do something right now, but she can play with you afterwards okay?" Madame Red apologised as she pulled me away. I wrenched my hand from her grasp and rubbed it, looking back at Finny as he stood startled. I looked at him apolgetically as he understood and returned to tending the irises that lined the pathway's entrance. I turned ahead and looked towards the entrance of the manor. My green eyes inspected the doorway as it was opened by an aging steward. The butler and Ciel entered the manor, closely followed by Madame Red and I, Grell coming in last. Inside the mansion was amazing and I sighed with wonder. The walls were clean, and a painting of the Young Earl (Ciel) and his family adorned the left wall of the hallway. In the picture he was around the age of five, and had no trace of the sadness that influenced his actions today. In the picture he was smiling wildly, his eyes shining with happiness, and a small smile formed at my lips as I saw the Madame stop and look at it.

"It's a lovely picture isn't it?" she asked me, and I nodded. I didn't know whether she was reffering to her sister and Ciel's father, or her nephew looking happy, or both.

"Quite." I replied and looked at Ciel who had stopped and walked back to wonder what we were doing.

"Why isn't the painting covered?" He demanded. I saw Sebastian quickly cover it with a blue sheet. I turned away from the painting as I asked the others where we were going. We all resumed our walk and ended up in the records room.


"Sebastian, look for the book that recorded all births from the year I was born please. He stated to the butler who bowed and replied "Yes, young master." as I saw an agitated look sweep Ciels face. I had to stifle a giggle as I remembered the conversation I had with Grell about Ciel disliking the title. 

"Grell." I said pulling the other butler back to reality. he blinked in surprise as I brushed my hair back urging him to do the same. He understood as a stray clump of red hair fell from his brown wig. I giggled quietly as he fumbled to put it back under the wig.

"Grell, stop acting like an idiot." Madame Red ordered him, as I had started to feel lightheaded from laughing at his state of manner.

'Damnit your tie is crooked." I whispered to him as I straightened it.

"Lady Charlotte, we have found the book." Ciel tapped on my shoulder as I finished striatening up Grell's suit.

"Why are you calling me Lady Charlotte? I am merely but a common person!" I exclaimed surprisingly. Madame Red handed me a the book which held records of all the people born in London in the year I was born, listed from rank. I opened the book to see a few names-including Ciel's- and saw my own name. Charlotte Greene 15th of July it read. So that's what my surname was supposed to be. Sarena and Gerard Greene's child. I read curiously. It sated my measurements and state of health as a new-born. I saw a yellowing note, obviously written later on. I read it. the contents were:


Future fiancees possible:

Elizabeth Midford

Dariety Flue

Marion Midworth

Alison Hume

Charlotte Greene


My name had been underlined. After a while I grasped onto what it meant: I was originally supposed to be Ciel's Fiancee.


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